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The Ronn Torossian Family Foundation supports a variety of organizations, with an emphasis on institutions dedicated to education, community, healthcare, Judaism, and more. This website chronicles the work of the foundation and hopes to encourage others to engage in philanthropic giving.

Ronn Torossian

We believe charity is a necessary component to success.
is proud to donate to charity and as a graduate of the NY Public School system realizes the unique opportunity and success he has had means he also has an obligation to give back.

“I was raised in a home where giving back and the concept of charity was a requirement. Even though we had little we knew the importance of giving.”

These experiences cemented my belief that giving back to my community and to humanity at large provides personal as well as societal enrichment. The support which we give benefits numerous educational institutions, hospitals, Jewish organizations, and other excellent non-profit groups. I created the Ronn Torossian Family Foundation to expand my personal efforts.

Organizations I am passionate about range the gamut from Brooklyn based RAJE (The Russian-American Jewish Experience). RAJE helps immigrants from the former Soviet Union achieve a greater understanding of their heritage and community, as well as assist with educational and career goals. Am also an active supporter of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), Aish Hatorah and various Chabad houses.

I also sponsor and support a number of cancer-related foundations and societies such as the Susan B. Komen Foundation – a foundation built around raising the brain cancer awareness through hosting special events and communicating with the global and local communities, Chai Lifeline – a group focused on helping children with chronic illnesses. There are also many other organizations I give to and hope to continue giving more to many more organizations.

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Ronn Torossian