4 Tips on Facebook Ads for Nonprofits

You’ve decided: you want to purchase Facebook ads for your nonprofit organization. But what is the best, most efficient way to make use of this unique form of promotion? How can you use Facebook advertising to meet your nonprofit goals?

Maximize your investment. It’s not enough for people to see your ad, you need them to click on the ad and end up where you want them: on your website or on your Facebook page. Therefore it makes sense to pay only for those ads that people click—cost per click or CPC—rather than paying for more people to see your ad, or cost per thousand potential viewers—CPM where M stands for the Roman numeral signifying “thousand”. Where is your organization’s strongest presence? If it’s on Facebook, you might be better off choosing “sponsored likes” for a Facebook page as opposed to a Facebook ad that draws people to the organization’s external link only if they click through. 

Identify your target. Unlike with Google Adwords, Facebook allows you to narrow down your targeted demographic. Let’s say you’re the car donation charity, Kars for Kids and you want to reach potential donors in the New Jersey area that care about afterschool initiatives for children. Your demographic then might be college-educated working mothers who attended, for instance, Rutgers or Bergen Community College. 

Offer value. Think about what it is you want to say to your potential audience and then say it with quality. Kars4Kids aims to further childhood education, so it offers quality content on the educational initiatives it pursues. Donors learn something from the content provided by the charity and feel they get something by clicking through to the charity’s blog, for example. 

Be genuine. Offer your demographic a narrative of what it is you do. If your nonprofit responded to Hurricane Sandy, with a special campaign, such as the Kars4Kids winter coat giveaway, post pictures of the event on your Facebook page. Gather quotes from those who benefited from the event and share these on Facebook. Think of the ads as a way to bring people to you where you will tell them a story about what you do. Make sure the ads are taking potential donors to some kind of takeaway. The takeaway may be an emotional response, or a piece of valuable information.

Ronn Torossian
Ronn Torossian
5WPR Founder & CEO Ronn Torossian is a native New Yorker. Torossian has grown his PR Agency, 5W Public Relations, into a top 25 United States PR Firm. The company is headquartered in the iconic Helmsley Building in midtown Manhattan. Ronn resides with his children on the Upper East Side of New York City. Author of best selling PR Book "For Immediate Release", you can find regular contributions of Ronn's writing on the Huffington Post, Business insider, Fox News, Everything-PR, the Observer, Wired Insights and many other publications.
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