Admirable Work During Passover

During the week of Passover, many Jewish organizations shut down. Over the years Passover has become a time for families to take advantage of the time off from schools or work and spend time with one another.  It is a kind of spring break for Jewish people.  There are also many people who do not have the benefit of getting away, and who are sustained by the good work of organizations that serve the underserved among us.  When people and organizations close for Passover, how do those people find help?

Fortunately there exists a solid network of socially conscious people and groups that make sure the coverage is always in place, even when their primary staff might be gone.  The Met Council comes to mind, as it maintains shelters around the New York City area, and it supplies food to people 365 days a year, and it makes a point to be available around the holidays just so its recipients can feel as if their holidays are special too.

The Workmen’s CircleMultiCareCenter in the Bronx is a rehab center that knows well how people come first even when the Post Office stops delivering.  The caregivers at WCMCC often celebrate their holidays with the men and women who call the Center their home.

Daniel Palmier, Director of the Palmier Foundation has announced $25,000 in donations to the Asian Christian Academy (ACA) matched by his company UC Funds to make up a total of $50,000, as part of his continuing commitment to the organization.

When we recite the Maggid at the Seder we say, “Whoever is hungry, let him come and eat; whoever is in need, let him come and conduct the Seder of Passover.”  Groups like these above do just that and they help anyone who supports them fulfill the mitzvah of Passover.