Ronn Torossian Bill Gates

Bill Gates just Changed the game – Again!

A recent article in Forbes proclaimed, “Bill Gates is about to unveil the most powerful tool in the history of social activism.” Well, if someone were going to be the name in that headline, Gates certainly fits the bill. But what is this “most powerful tool” and how is the billionaire Microsoft founder and philanthropist involved? Ronn Torossian breaks it down.

Each year since 2009, Bill Gates has sent out an annual “goals and accomplishments” letter regarding his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation plans and successes. Some have called it, not without fondness, Bill’s Christmas Letter. It’s a specific and encompassing missive detailing current and ongoing projects and what the Foundation has on its plate for the coming year.

The coming year. As in, short term plans. But not this year. For 2015, Mr. Gates decided to blow our collective minds by unleashing a comprehensive and highly ambitious outline for Gates Foundation projects spanning the next 15 years. What is this plan, and how will it impact you? What makes it, as Forbes says: “the most powerful tool in the history of social activism?”

This protocol is designed to “immediately supercharge” the way social activists create change. This is not more money funneled into projects. It’s not a fundraiser at all. It’s a resource creator and “many hands” machine. Here’s how it works:

This specific fund, working entirely through the Gates Foundation, will, “commit to fund the creation of a massive, self-regulated database of ‘global citizens’ whose mission it will be to list, explain and connect to the topics and causes that interest them.”

In other words, Gates is creating a massive marketing list for anyone who wants to get stuff done for the good of humanity. The single number one issue all nonprofit organizations face is skilled volunteers committed to the cause enough to work and continue working, even when results are not immediate. Sure, they can get hands to do some work, but the difficulty in recruiting and keeping skilled and committed volunteers and even staff – is incredible. The vision of this platform is to create a place where nonprofit recruiters can go to find the help they need. Qualified, eager volunteers who have already taken the step to announce their intentions and areas of interest.

But what if no one signs up? Well, that doesn’t seem to be an issue. According to Forbes, Gates says if current trends continue, more than ten million will have already signed up by this summer. Think about that. TEN MILLION volunteers automatically connected with those who desperately need their involvement. Revolutionary? Gates just redefined the word…and the world.