charity messaging ronn torossian

3 Vital PR Tips to Help your Charity Get its Message Out

For any non profit organization, getting the word out about its good works is vital for the continued growth of the movement. However, many charities do not understand what the media is looking for when preparing their press releases. Public relations is not just about telling the public about who you are, and what you are doing. PR is more about knowing what to say, and when to say it, in order to connect in the most impactful, and profitable way.

“When writing any sort of PR, the news media, those gatekeepers, they are your initial market.” Ronn Torossian says.

To capture that market’s attention, and win its affection, Torossian offers 3 criteria for what your charity PR must be.

Charity PR must be active

The tone of the PR must never be a laundry list of things the group has done. It must be, “this is what we are doing RIGHT NOW.” The tone of the message must be as active, and energetic, and timely as possible. The story must portray the group as out and about, attacking an issue and working toward change.

Charity PR must be dynamic

Dynamic in the sense of making something happen, making something move. There must be a sense that the group’s efforts are taking hold and making a difference. Something must be moving, changing, and getting demonstrably better. If the PR can offer up-to-date stats that show exactly who, what, and how the charity is making a difference, that’s when a gatekeeper is apt to take notice.

Charity PR must be insightful

One of the most overlooked ways to get your PR to grab hold is to offer something previously unknown, or less known. Facts, or news, or information that the general public may not be aware of. Something the media can use as a hook to generate interest in the story.

No matter what you say, or when you say it, all of your charity PR should have, at minimum, all of these aspects.