Charity PR Messages

Charity PR Messages That Work

As every charity knows, the need is massive, and the available market to help meet that need can seem exceptionally small. No non-profit can exist without acknowledging those limits and devising a plan to help surmount them. In all of these successful cases, a well presented and expertly communicated public relations campaign is an integral element of success.

Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR and President of the Torossian Foundation, details 5 ways to turn your public relations efforts into successful donation campaigns.

Effective Communication in Charity PR

#1 – It must have meaning

Substantive message work much better than general ideas. Donors or potential donors are much less likely to give if they are giving to a general idea rather than a specific need. People connect better with causes that resonate with them. So don’t be afraid to be specific.

#2 – Be fresh

Current, topical content will help create the right sort of connection without potential donors. Ads and content that is both fresh and timely will touch on points that are already “front of mind” for the intended audience. Failing to do this only creates a wasted opportunity.

#3 – Be interactive

The term “sticky” may conjure negative notions of glue, foam tape or adhesive, but the idea here is “honey over vinegar.” The stickiness here is all about winning people before you try to influence them. You also want sticky content to encourage repeated interaction.

#4 – Build your online reputation

Far too many people still think just having a website and, maybe, a social media presence is the solution to all their online reputation issues. Not so. Content – consistent, new and fresh content – is vital to building and, more specifically, maintaining your reputation online. Why is this important? Because, even online, perception is reality.

#5 – Be opportunistic

This is a nicer way of saying don’t miss your chance to effectively connect with your donors or prospect audience. Having an idea is not enough. You need to have the mechanisms in place to act on those ideas quickly and in ways that offer the most impact for your investment.

Bottom line, don’t just toss ideas against the wall. Follow these tips and take the time to craft campaigns.