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How can you Profit from these 2015 Charity Trends

It’s 2015 and everyone is taking stock of what they accomplished in 2014 and what they could have done better. Before you get too far into that process, Ronn Torossian has some advice about some 2015 nonprofit trends you need to take into consideration.

All industries have been in a state of flux regarding funding for the past decade. Online sales. Mobile sales. Bitcoin and Square. What to latch on to, what to ignore? It was an ongoing question that many nonprofits were slow to answer. Then crowdfunding and online donations exploded…and many charity organizations were caught flatfooted. They had no formal – and successful – models to model themselves after, and many traditional donors are allergic to risk.

But, in 2015, there are more than enough examples of successful online funding and crowd funding and small-donor funding for organizations of all sizes to look at and emulate. Online donations, small donations, and crowdfunding really are sustainable potential sources of budget-safe revenue for nonprofits. If they are willing to look at what’s right in front of them.

Starting a new endeavor is easier than ever. You can get online for next to nothing and use social media as an effective marketing tool. IF you know how to create and manage your public relations stream. The point here is that less money is being spent on the infrastructure and that cash can then be better invested in the brand development and marketing.

Funding sources are growing in both scope and opportunity. It’s no secret that having money attracts money. Big ticket donors like to give to organizations that have a proven track record of both PR success and success in the endeavor of attracting “ big name” donors. But, if you are just starting out and don’t have a major “name” source of startup funding, 2015 offers opportunities that were not previously available. From the myriad of online “jumpstart” funding platforms to small donations and recurring web-based donations, technology is making it easier for everyone to support their favorite cause.