Cubs Stand up for a Good Cause

According to, Michigan Avenue in Chicago will soon be lined with fifty custom-made sets of ballpark seats designed by 47 Chicago-based charities, celebrities, and artists. The seats will represent a timeline of major events in the history of Wrigley Field (no Series crowns, of course). However, the seats will not be staying there.

Ronn Torossian explains: The celebratory seats will be auctioned online as part of the ballpark’s 100th birthday, and the proceeds will be divided up between Cubs Charities and other partnering nonprofits. Not only will fans be able to buy a piece of history, but several local Chicagoland charities will benefit in the process. This is the sort of unilateral and far-reaching good work that can really raise the level of an entire area.

When a stronger entity with massive name recognition partners with several smaller, grassroots groups, the impact can be exponential. The big group attracts a lot of PR that the smaller groups may not otherwise get, since the smaller groups tend to have leaner budgets and a closer connection to their specific causes. This means the greatest amount of public connection coupled with the best possible local impact. That’s definitely a win-win.

Whether you are a small local charity or a larger regional group looking to make a more direct impact on your community, this dynamic is simple to duplicate in a way that caters to your community, its needs and specific situation.

If you are the “big fish” in the pond, what are the specific needs your community has? And, if you are the grassroots group, how can your tailored expertise couple with the deeper pockets of a larger group to do the most good? In other words, how can your group communicate the need to a larger organization that can offer you the Public Relations  punch you would not have otherwise?