A child led them, guess who followed

Sometimes, the right thing to do is right in front of us, but we are so busy with all the other things we have going on that we fail to see it. Ronn Torossian says this story is like that … but it comes with a happy ending, and a reminder from a very unlikely source.

Eleven-year-old Mimi Traynham used to walk to school every day and see the same homeless man. On his feet, barely held together by dirt and desperation, were a pair of ragged shoes. Mimi decided she could not just walk past any longer without at least trying to make a difference for that man, and so many others like him.

With her mother Latasha’s help, Mimi organized a school shoe drive that brought in more than 300 pairs of shoes … in only three weeks!

Latasha asked Mimi’s principal if they could put a donation box in the school lobby, and Mimi started passing out flyers to promote the drive. Their initial goal was just 150 pairs of shoes, but they received double that number! The Salvation Army picked up the shoes from Latasha and Mimi’s home and distributed them to local homeless shelters. Now, the generous mother and daughter duo are planning to do another, bigger, drive next year.

So, why share this story when so many other news outlets have? For exactly that reason. If your non-profit isn’t getting press, you need to ask yourself, “why not?” Could it be that you are missing opportunities to do some good that will get noticed? Are you so focused on doing what you do that you never look around for what you COULD be doing?

Now, I’m not encouraging you to branch out far beyond your focus, only that you might be able to make difference right where you are, if you take the Blinders of Habit off. It’s likely that What’s Possible is right out there waiting for you to find it and get it done.

So, be like Mimi, look around you, find something worth doing, and do your very best. You might just surprise yourself!