Coming Out on Top & How to Get There

Have you ever noticed how, so many times, the “Top” or “Best” or “Greatest” lists contain the same names? Why do you suppose that is? Well, for one thing, the definition of greatness doesn’t really change all that drastically, year to year. Plus, once you’ve made it, you’re on everyone’s mind the next time a list comes around. But, then how do you make it?

Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5WPR and President of the Ronn Torossian Foundation believes this question should be a primary concern for any organization trying to increase its donor, or volunteer base. But, that coveted seat at the table, so to speak, isn’t exactly easy to stumble into. You have to craft, and execute the right PR plan.

Torossian explains that there are 3 initial steps all charity organizations must take with their PR to be eligible to make a legitimate attempt at top billing.

#1 – Define your brand

Understand that when you are first getting started – and for many years to come – there will be companies out there with more fame, more money, and more attention. The only – and best – way to stand out is to make certain your brand is very specific. Too many charities try to be all things to all problems in order to get attention. The problem there, of course, is that there are already a bunch of other organization already out there doing all that stuff. And they can do it better because they are well staffed, and well funded. But, defining your brand is not about what you do. It’s about what people believe, or understand that you do. There is a difference.

#2 – Be specific in what you do

Your cause needs to attack a specific societal ill, or support a specific group. Do that, and people can understand exactly how they are giving, and what they are supporting. Whatever it is, the more specific you get, the more passionate both your volunteers and your supporters will be. Plus, you will have more opportunities to make a more dramatic impact.

#3 – Do before you ask

Even if you have to go out, and help another organization while you are building support for your own, do it. Once you have established that you are doing good in the community, people will be more apt to support you. In fact, once you have shown that you are making a difference in something very specific for very specific reasons, that is exactly how people will label your organization. BOOM. You are branded.

Now go out, and do some good.