Four Ways To Increase Your Visibility

Deepen your nonprofit name recognition with these easy tips

If all non-profits have one thing in common, it’s a need – or desire – to increase their visible footprint in the local community. Yes, being a household name is cool, but being a visible benefit to your local community is what can really bring out the regular volunteers as well as increase name recognition and regular donations. Ronn Torossian, CEO of 5W Public Relations and President of the Ronn Torossian Foundation, offers four easy tips to help you accomplish your branding goals.

#1 – Social media activity

You would think this one would be the ultimate no-brainer in this day and age, but sadly many miss the boat in this. If you want a larger public face, you need to be active in not one – but several – social media platforms. Which ones depends largely on your sort of charity, but Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest are the best places to start. Instagram, Twitter and Google Plus are also wise investments. But here’s a vital tip– if you get started, you better keep up!

#2 – Volunteer T-shirts

We threw this one in to see if you were paying attention. Totally low tech and high value, volunteer T-shirts can help (literally) define your impact at local volunteer events. Be sure to pick a color that will stand out. Bright neon, something that will help you get noticed, with your charity name and logo prominent. Remember, this is about making an impact, so don’t be subtle. Have fun with it, and soon your team T-shirts will be everyone’s favorite event souvenir.

#3 – Naming rights

One of the easiest ways to put your name out there is to literally put your name out there. Sponsor a team, school or event. Make sure to do it regularly. This is a definite signal to the community at large that you have “arrived.” While some may complain that you are using “donated” funds improperly, this can be circumvented in one of several ways. The first is to ask a donor to buy the rights in your name. Another is to sponsor a charity that could use the funds but already has the administration in place.

#4 – Public participation

One of the best ways to be recognized is to be seen as much as possible. Even if you can’t or don’t have the administration to sponsor your own events, get out there and support others. You have to start somewhere and showing up in force at another group’s benefit is a great way to do some good and make your presence felt.

Torossian says the best thing about these tips is that you can pull the trigger on them almost immediately. Most don’t have a long-term timeline and don’t require a large allocation of administrative staff to make them happen. Get started today and reap the benefits faster than you can imagine.

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