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The Hottest Fundraising Events to Draw a Crowd

In the fast paced and high energy world of PR, there is no room for routine if you want to stay competitive and take charge of your success. At 5WPR, our team members leave mundane at the door and engage in ongoing brainstorming sessions in order to ensure that our marketing campaigns are unforgettable and are etched in the mind of our target audience. PR agencies in New York need to be creative when promoting the interests of their clients, and it’s no different when the client is a not-for-profit charitable organization.

In today’s world of philanthropy, the fundraiser gala, auction, charitable walk/run and food drives have fallen by the wayside. These monotonous events have stepped aside and paved the way for novel and exciting social gatherings that are centered on participation activities. Charitable organizations in NYC are drawing more crowds – and therefore raising more funds – by coordinating rousing events that create buzz and include new ways to get involved.

These days, everyone is a foodie. So it’s necessary for a PR firm like 5WPR to capitalize on this trend and promote events focusing on culinary interests. Our event planning department loves planning these types of get-togethers, and our non-profit clients eagerly anticipate attending. Wine tastings with food pairings are increasingly popular, as guests enjoy trying the dishes while learning about which vintage to serve with different cuisines. One of my new favorite fundraising efforts involved hosting a celebrity chef demonstration. Food TV personalities are very generous when asked to contribute time doing something they love for a great cause.

There are countless charitable organizations in the NYC area, and all of them are in direct competition when it comes to motivating potential donors to contribute time or money. With this goal in mind, 5WPR recognizes the need to be innovative in our marketing strategies and event planning in order to draw their attention. After attending several galas per year and running one 5K per month, potential donors are looking for a unique way to become involved. Together with our non-profit clients, we give them an exceptional experience that they genuinely look forward to.