Hashtags for Charity

The human spirit is one of support, togetherness, and love, even if at times it seems like we’re in a race to end ourselves.  Any major tragedy always shows just how fast and how single-mindedly we can pull together to help our fellow man.  Most people are, ultimately, charitable and kind, but the biggest roadblock most charities and causes run into are that the good people just don’t know about them.  With the help of social media, any charity can get out and raise its banner to be seen by, and helped by, the world.

Here are four tips to anyone trying to start or expand a charitable group.

1. Use Social Networking

Don’t just have a presence on social networking sites–USE IT!  Having a Facebook group for your cause is great, but if it’s not regularly updated and promoted to others to keep its membership growing, then it really isn’t doing anyone any good.  Set up events to invite people to.  Share events from other charitable groups and promote their pages in exchange for the same from them.

Don’t just tweet–tweet with purpose!  Hashtag everything you’ve got.  Find those celebrities who support your cause, have them retweet you, and suggest their followers give or join up.  Active social networking is a must.

2. Create Original Media

With YouTube, DailyMotion, and a myriad of other video sites, it’s easier than ever to load up multimedia and embed it anywhere you want to across the web.  Articles, pictures, memes…anything you can think of can be produced and distributed digitally in the name of your organization.  Getting the word out and building name recognition is the main battle.living-conditions-in-india

3. Utilize Charity Sites

People all over the world want to give but sometimes are at a loss as to whom they should give to.  Fortunately, many sites have sprung up as a central point for small charitable organizations to cluster together and make it easy for people to find what they want to support.  From general sites such as GoFundMe.com or JustGive.org, to more specific sites such as DonorsChoose.org which helps teachers raise money for various education related matters, it’s easier than ever to start an online fundraising source.

4. Be Topical

Staying trendy is a good PR tip for anyone, no matter what kind of organization or individual is trying to raise awareness and good press.  But for charities (especially the smaller, less established ones), sometimes it can be hard to raise money and awareness when your issue is not at the forefront of the news or social discourse.  How can you fix that?  Make it be at the forefront.  Every day, news is happening, and through social media it is possible to tie what you and your organization are working on to something being talked about today.  Find those trending hashtags, and make them work to your favor.

These steps will help grow your charity, but always remember (and always remind your supporters) that these things only get accomplished with hard work and dedication.