ronn torossian holiday giving

Post-Holiday Charitable Contributions

Every year, it seems like the holidays are over just as quickly as they arrived. With all the chaos starting in November and continuing to New Year’s Eve, many folks still found the time to make a contribution to the charity of their choice. More people tend to give to charity around the holidays because of a generous spirit and end-of-year tax considerations. It’s 5WPR’s job as a US PR Firm to maximize visibility for our non-profit clientele during this time of year, but consumer kindness during this time does not make the endeavor too difficult.

However, even with the holidays over and the tax year wrapped up, the need for charitable contributions does not cease. In representing its non-profit clients, 5WPR is required to take a different approach when getting people to contribute to charity in the New Year. Consumer pockets are generally low after the extravagance of the holidays, so the focus needs to be on volunteer efforts.

Fortunately, there are as many opportunities for contributions of time as there are charities to accept them. As a leading PR firm in NYC, 5WPR partners with many not-for profit companies that are in need of assistance. Ronn Torossian’s team works with these clients to identify specific areas of need and create a new perspective for potential volunteers. Sometimes the answer is simple: welcoming a celebrity or political figure to a soup kitchen, food drive or participating in a charitable walk/run. Most times, these personalities are delighted to participate. They have much to gain from the exposure, especially when an unfortunate incident forces the need for reputation management to distract from bad publicity. For potential volunteers, being able to rub elbows with a high profile guest of honor encourages them to become involved.

Other times, Ronn Torossian’s team at 5WPR needs to come up with more creative ways to persuade consumers to contribute to volunteer efforts. Many of the galas we plan for clients require the assistance of helpers to run a silent auction, serve passed appetizers to guests or tend the bar. These affairs typically draw local personalities, which is another opportunity for volunteers to meet them. Charity walk/run events need volunteers to organize participants before the race, and summarize times and scoring at the end. The attraction is that the donor gets to spend some time in the beautiful outdoors