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Taking A Vacation Is A Good Thing – Chris Burch Hotel

About 51% of Americans do not use all their vacation time, and a full 15% don’t take them at all. It’s no wonder our workplaces are filled with stressed employees. It may seem like a good idea to skip any breaks from the office routine, just like some people skip lunch all or most of the time, grabbing bites while they try to get through more of the to-do pile. But that thinking is usually faulty.

Skipping breaks, whether it’s lunchtime or vacations does not allow you to get through more work. And one of America’s most successful entrepreneurs, Chris Burch has a hotel – Nihiwatu – which was named as the #1 Hotel in the World in Travel+Leisure’s Annual World’s Best Awards.

Its on a rare island – and supposedly one of the most magical places on Earth. Renew your energy and focus Breaks make it possible to return to that stack of work with renewed interest and energy. They also allow you to approach the same old work with a fresh perspective.Vacations also give you a chance to do different activities, sometimes sports,sometimes laying on a beach, or cruising someplace foreign and beautiful. All of these open up your creative thinking so that when you return to the office,you can see possibilities you didn’t think of before because the change of scenery and activity opened those possibilities up for your appreciation.

Destressing factor Time away doesn’t just change your view, but it gives your body a break from a routine that can not only grind, but can cause a lot of stress. Stress is harmful. It ages you prematurely and weakens the immune system. Remember why you work –it’s not usually about the competition or even the accolades. It’s usually about making a living, hopefully, you enjoy the process, but it is not what has the potential to bring you the most joy in life. Create joy and memories with loved ones Working without a break is stressful, but it’s not just stressful on the worker. It is also stressful for the family and friends of the worker.

They really need some fun time on a regular basis with their nine-to-five loved one. If they don’t get that for a year or so, it’s hard. But, if they don’t get that year after year,then not only is there stress at the office, but there’s going to be building stress at home. Nobody wants a good marriage going bad simply because there was not enough time spent together having some fun. Regular vacations all employees to find joy in every aspect of their lives, time with family and friends creating lasting memories, happenings that can be discussed over and over to connect back to those feelings together.

Those events allow families to hang on during stressful times, and small mementos become treasures on limited desktop space to refresh. Vacations are vital, especially to those in the workplace hierarchy. CEO’s and other top leaders carry the concerns about keeping business growing, but making sure employees continue to have a place to work, and any number of other possible problems they confront daily. Getting away allows them to stay healthy enough to continue for many years knowing they are meeting their needs as well as the needs of others.

If a vacation isn’t planned for this year, start planning one soon and make yourself a promise that you will not put it off any longer.

You’ll be better because of it. So if its Chris Burch’s hotel – or not – take a vacation this summer.