Jessica Alba makes an Honest woman out of herself

Jessica Alba makes an Honest woman out of herself

Sizzling Hollywood starlet Jessica Alba made her name in comic book-inspired films like Fantastic Four and Sin City as well as action movies such as Into the Blue and Machete. Eye-popping, no matter what she was playing, Alba charmed a generation of moviegoers, and she has continued to work regularly in Barely Lethal and Entourage (2015) and Mechanic: Resurrection (2016), but the stunning Golden-Globe nominated actress is more than a pretty face on the big and small screen.

Alba has a history of charity involvement, working tirelessly for Safer Chemicals Healthy Families, ONE, Habitat For Humanity, and Project Home, among others. But that’s not all that’s keeping Alba busy lately. She’s also a mom, a role that, Alba says, came with “intense responsibility” and had a “profound” impact on her life.

She has two young daughters and wants to give them the “best possible start.” This led Alba to consider how someone with her influence and resources could give back to other moms who feel the same things but don’t enjoy the same resources she has. So, The Honest Company was born.

The vision of The Honest Company is to provide “safe, effective, delightful, accessible, and responsible lifestyle products for the home.” According to the company’s website, Alba and her business partner, Christopher Gavigan, were “utterly frustrated” parents trying to find “perfect products” for their babies and their homes.

They wanted safe, eco-friendly, beautiful, convenient, and affordable products to help make their homes better for their little ones. They struggled to find these items, so they wondered if anyone else had similar problems. After some research delivered a resounding “yes” Jessica and Christopher launched The Honest Company to create and market what they wanted but could not find on their own.

They set out to source or make products that fit their standards, things that would have a savvy sense of style, but also be sustainable, and offer “extraordinary service and convenience” … as well as a “passion for social goodness, integrity, and fun…”

The next step? Delivery. If there’s something that every new parent wants, it’s convenience, and Alba decided her company would deliver Honest goodness right to their customers’ door to, “bring more delight” every day. This, more than anything else, may have been the stroke of genius. Anyone who’s had kids understands how much fun it’s not to load everyone in car seats and run down to the store to wander around looking for something you hope they have. Because Alba and Gavigan considered and understood their market, they knew how to connect with it … and where to make that connection.