Ronn Torossian on Success

4 Skills you Better Learn if you Want to Succeed

You may not be able to separate who will win and who will lose in business by just looking at them, but if you watch them for a bit, you can shorten those odds and make good on that bet. Beyond Covey’s seven habits there are a few things every prospective business professional needs to understand – and then DO – if they have any hope of ever achieving their success potential.

First, find a mentor.

One thing many young people fail to do is respect success. They want what successful people have, but miss out on the “who” and “how” and “why” of that success. These questions, integral specifically to the world of public relations, are also vital to success in business. Mentoring is not about securing the right internship. It’s about finding a successful person who you can learn with as well as from. Not just by doing that same work, but by respecting their perspectives and methods.

Be skilled.

You may not know everything you need to know or have everything you need to have in order to take the next step toward your goals, but you can still be closer than you are right now … and closer in a tangible way. If you want to succeed in a specific industry, you need to have some initial value to that industry. No matter what it is, if you have some tangible, marketable strength, you can get your foot in the door. Without that, you’re just like millions of others out there with a dream and no grasp of commercial reality.

And speaking of goals…

Have a strong game plan.

You may not always stick exactly to your five and ten year plan, but you need to have one. If someone asks you where you see yourself in five years, don’t say, “happy.” You need to have a concrete idea of where you want to go and how you plan to get there. Sure, that plan can change, but it needs to exist and it should be vetted by people who know more than you about where you want to go.

Create an environment of challenges.

There’s nothing wrong with staying in touch with old friends, but make sure you have people around you to push you, to encourage you and who expect more from you. With these motivations you can more easily build a life in which growth is both expected and incrementally achieved. Instead of the fits and starts of a yo-yo diet, your success trajectory will be measured by surpassing what those around you expect, keeping them impressed and keeping you energized for the next challenged.