Protect Furry Friends

How Pet Charities Protect Furry Friends

It’s summertime and the thermostat is definitely letting all of us know. So is a popular national pet charity. Each year countless pets die of heatstroke because they are left in vehicles without air conditioning. The internal heat of the vehicle creates an oven-like condition and these animals cannot cope. Each summer one group makes it their mission to get the word out about these tragic realities.

Ronn Torossian says these informational campaigns may be difficult to consider, but the cause is good and the group is doing good work to take a serious issue seriously. Even if we don’t like to think about it. But the 5WPR CEO says that’s not the only way pet lovers connect with well-placed charity PR.

Storm warnings

During a natural disaster the pets are often forgotten. Medications, food, comfort items – these are sometimes overlooked when a family is preparing their disaster preparation kit. National pet charities make it a point in the proper seasons to encourage people to think about their furry and feathered members of the family. When people receive these friendly reminders they not only think about their pets, they can also make the connection to the responsible charity. This is a win-win PR move for all involved.


While statistics can be the toughest way to prove, advance or sell your position, sometimes the numbers are so stark they speak for themselves. Pet charities use statistics on pet abuse, neglect and mistreatment in order to encourage responsible pet owners or potential pet owners to consider adoption of animals. Torossian says other uses of statistics in charity PR could include how pets improve mood and even the health of pet owners.

Friendly faces

One of the most famous recent pet charity PR campaigns included a soulful song being crooned as the soundtrack of a video reel of lonely looking animals in need of a good home. People reported immediate and visceral reactions. Love it or hate it, that commercial stuck with you. In many cases, the best PR may not make you feel good, but proves to be inescapable. In this case, the sad reality is difficult to face. But the song and images make sure you think about it. In that way the charity can get potential donors thinking about the problem, not necessarily the solution. Then, when they follow up with that solution or a call to action, the market is ready to hear it.