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Facebook Propping up Nonprofits

The news exploded across the charity world. Facebook would be awarding 2,000 different nonprofits with up to $1,500 each in ad credits over the coming months. According to the reports $2 million in credits will be distributed by ActionSprout, a Washington State based company that specializes in assisting charities in the better use of Facebook.

The offer comes at the perfect time for many nonprofits. The holiday season is an opportunity to get a message out when people are already conditioned to give. That’s the good news. The bad news, of course, is that everyone else is doing exactly the same thing. To stand out it’s important to be different enough to grab attention and hold that focus while delivering an effective message.

In addition to grants of between $600 and $1,500, each charity will also be given an ActionSprout account.

Media reports announcing the opportunity said the initiative came out of a joint interest of Facebook and ActionSprout to help nonprofits properly leverage social media.

The benefit for ActionSprout is obvious. The more nonprofits that know about the company, the bigger their potential customer base will be. If they can come out and make a huge splash in the industry, their brand will become a household name where it matters most.

For Facebook, though, the benefit is in the interaction. Cause-based content on Facebook tends to generate a lot of shares, likes and comments. Every single one of these interactions increases Facebook’s value and power. When more nonprofits generate better content that creates more engagement, both those organizations and Facebook win.

One dynamic that could prove to be the make or break for this campaign is how the charities will be chosen. Allegations of bias or favoritism could turn what should be a solid PR win into an ongoing negative scenario. But, properly handled, this should be a great holiday gift for all involved.

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Using Social Media for Charity Fundraising: Trend or Here to Stay?

Building clout and momentum for any new or existing business you have in mind is a way or you to leave your mark with thousands, even millions. Understanding whether the charity route to go when raising funds for your company is a way better understand the right approaches regardless of the demographic you want to reach.

Social Media Impact

Social media marketing, or SMM, has had an huge impact of reaching thousands and million of users simultaneously. Utilizing social media to leverage the number of followers, fans and potential customers gives you more platforms readily available to promote and distribute more information regarding your brand. Some of the most popular social media communities available today include: Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Instagram and Vine. Determining the audience you intend to reach is a way to gain insight when developing a proper market for our charity fundraising campaign.

Using social media to have and impact today is popular by getting more clout with followers while building a sold and genuine relationship. Answering questions and inquiries shows your users you care and want to connect with them on a more personal level.

Connecting With Users on a Personal Level

Once you have established an online user base of followers and fans it is much easier to receive feedback and more information regarding the products and services you have to offer. Getting involved with the personal lives who are interested in assisting with your fundraiser is a way to gain trust while also spreading the work of your charity for others who are also intrigued by your business idea or plan.

Finding Like-Minded Individuals From Around the World

Using social media to launch a charity fundraiser also gives you insight into the type of demographic who is really responding to your brand and the products you have to offer. Pinpointing your demographic gives you more options when developing both online and offline campaigns to help promote the charity and its cause in just about any location. Using multiple platforms to connect with users gives you more clout, attention and a professional reputation, especially when working with a charity of your choice.

Expansions of Platforms and Mediums

Depending on the type of charity you plan to the run and financial backing you require it is important to consider all factors before launching a campaign. With proper implementation and the right marketing strategy it has never been easier to reach those who want to know about you, sequentially helping your case.

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4 Sure Fire Ways to Improve your Non-profit’s Social Media Presence

When you are running a nonprofit or a charity on your own, understanding the power of digital marketing and integrating a social media presence is key to share your message while truly connecting with fans, followers and individuals who genuinely believe in you and want to support your cause personally.

Build an Online Presence

Building an online presence is one of the first steps to success when working online to share information about nonprofits, charities and other organizations you support and back. Create an official website, online portfolio and be sure to create streamlined usernames when working with social media to make a name for yourself and the cause you represent.

Schedule Posts and Updates

Scheduling posts and updates is another way to reach your supporters and fans while giving you the ability to maintain relevance at all times. Having a regular posting schedule is a way for you to ensure you are keeping fans and followers interested in what you have to say while coming back for more with each new post and announcement you publish to your page. Using multiple social media platforms is also highly advisable including the use of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. The more social media platforms you are engaged with, the easier it is to reach hundreds of thousands of users simultaneously to gain support for any cause you represent.

Communicate With Your Fans, Followers and Supporters Regularly

Regularly communicating with fans, followers and supporters keeps your brand relevant while also building trust and loyalty necessary for any successful business. The more you connect with fans on a personal level with the nonprofit organization or charity you are supporting, the more likely you are to receive the backing and loyalty you deserve.

Engage With Your Audience and Answer Questions

Engaging with your audience of followers is possible with an official website, blog or by taking advantage of social media. Engaging with followers is possible by asking questions and also answering any inquiries you receive from those who want to continue to support the cause or nonprofit you represent.

Whether you are launching a nonprofit from the ground up or if you want to take your company to the next level of success online, understanding the best ways to go about reaching the intended audience and demographic you have in mind is essential to continuously grow any brand or business you are looking to expand.

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Four tips to take your Charities Digital Marketing to the Next Level

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If you currently run a charity and are interested in ensuring that your marketing efforts are optimized to yield the greatest return on investment (ROI) possible, you should strongly consider the value of examining your digital marketing campaign. In many cases, this is the area of a charity’s advertising strategy that is in need of the most improvement.

To ensure that you take your charity’s digital marketing campaign to the next level, be sure to implement the following four tips:

Update Your Social Media Optimization (SMO) Plan.

Social media optimization should be an integral component of any digital marketing plan. If you haven’t put a social media marketing strategy in place, this should be your first course of action. If you already have a SMO plan, you need to optimize it by conducting research or using other analytics to determine which channels you’re most effective on. If, for example, you’re receiving a low ROI from Twitter but a high ROI from Facebook, you need to pour more resources into the latter venue.

Make Your Blog More Interactive.

Although many business owners have realized that blogging is an incredibly effective mode of digital marketing, not every company leader understands that making your blog more interactive is oftentimes the key to increasing your conversion rates. With that idea in mind, you should get busy making your blog more interactive with things such as Share Buttons, e-newsletters, free webinars, Q & A sessions, etc.

Mobile Optimization.

Mobile optimization is incredibly important these days! As the research has already demonstrated, sales for mobile devices often exceed those for traditional PCs. Since this is the case, you need to make sure that prospective donors who access your website via electronic device will be able to easily navigate through your pages and read all the information offered therein.

Hire Professionals.

Oftentimes, business owners treat the digital marketing process as a do-it-yourself endeavor in order to save money. However, it is important to note that hiring professionals can actually ensure that you get the greatest ROI possible such that you make a substantive amount of money. With that idea in mind, you should look into hiring a professional digital agency rather than simply having any given employee work on your advertising campaign.

Summing It All Up

If you’re ready to take your charity’s digital marketing campaign to the next level, you should know that the tips and tricks outlined above can help you realize your goal. By systematically implementing the digital techniques listed here, you will likely find that your conversion rates start going up and up. Good luck!

Ronn Torossian on Local Non-Profits

4 Ways Businesses can Benefit Local Nonprofits  

This might not come as a shock to you, but businesses can be a tremendous source of support for local nonprofits. Of course, you knew that already. But Ronn Torossian wonders if you’ve taken full advantage of those opportunities … or are you leaving resources untouched and money on the table?

While nonprofits depend on grants and donations, the percentage of GDP allocated to donations has rarely topped 2 percent. Seriously, 2 percent. That’s an incredibly small piece of the pie to be divided out among all the legitimate charitable organizations. Particularly when so much of the donated funding goes toward global or national issues. What’s a small, local nonprofit to do?

Well, truth is, you already have a good idea about how the businesses can help, but do you know how to connect with local business leaders in meaningful ways? Here are four ways to connect in ways that could lead to long-term relationships.

Find out what they love

People want to be connected to things that matter to them. So look for people who are already interested in the causes that you champion. In addition, put out feelers and general invitations to specific causes and events. Certain people will be attracted to specific things. Find your support by finding people who share your passion.

Do What you DO Well

Don’t look like a loser and act like a failure. Carry yourself with both passion and professionalism. Business owners and successful entrepreneurs like to be associated with success. Even if you are small and just getting started, you need to do what you do well. You need someone on your team that’s more than a dreamer. You need dreamers and truth tellers in your inner circle. Not naysayers, just realists. They will help you succeed in ways that make a difference to business owners.

Build Relationships within the Community

Don’t hide in your office. Get involved. Be noticed and be approachable. And don’t waste these opportunities. Instead of always selling, invest in others and what they are doing. It’s tough when you are so excited or engaged in something to keep it out of your mouth, but you must. Otherwise folks will stop taking your calls and your invitations will all get lost in the mail.

Make Specific Requests

While some people just give because they give, business owners are all about specifics. Their success comes from doing a lot of specific things well, and they will appreciate it if you are on the same wavelength. Plus, making a specific request forces you to keep it specific, short, and digestible. Business owners don’t have time for you to waste, and they appreciate it when they don’t have to tell you that.


Movember and other Fads – Do they Really Work?

See all those scruffy guys on the train and at the office? Sure, some of them may be hipsters, but if they were clean shaven a week or two ago, there might be another reason for their facial hair. Ronn Torossian believes there’s something to those fad charity pushes … but is it enough?
Thousands, maybe millions, of men are scratching their cheeks and chins this November. These guys are not trying to wreck gramma’s Thanksgiving photos. They are participating in Movember, a charity movement that challenges men to show solidarity by growing a mustache. The aim of Movember is to draw attention to men’s health issues. Sure, it isn’t neon pink or anything, but a Fu Manchu or handlebar mustache on a guy who was baby faced a month ago sure can be a conversation starter.
Movember started in Melbourne, Australia way back in 2003, when only 30 Aussies took part in the campaign. Eleven years later the movement has spread to 21 countries including the United States, England, Brazil, and Russia. According to reports, Movember has helped raise more than $559 million for various men’s health programs worldwide. A healthy sum to be sure. But Movember is far from the only fad participatory charity event we’ve seen in recent years. After all, 2014 was the summer of the Ice Bucket Challenge.
But do these fad movements really raise awareness or are they a glorified version of slacktivism?
The first argument has to center on the millions raised, both for Movember and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Numbers don’t lie, and these recipients sure appreciated the windfalls from these challenges. We could stop there, just say: “Hey, this was awesome, why complain?” But there is a legitimate question nonprofits should answer before trying to come up with their own moment in the social media sun.
The counter argument? Longevity. People love to be part of something new and different. Particularly if they also feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves. See a bunch of guys at the office all waxing their stache? Instant connection. You suddenly have a way to connect that didn’t exist before. But the question remains … once “Movember” becomes December, will that activism and brotherhood continue? Ask ALS charities. After nearly constant promotion on social media and across the news networks, they have virtually vanished. People are either fatigued or disinterested. And when it comes time to actually DO something to help them again, will that enthusiasm resurface?
It’s a tough question to answer, but one Torossian says all charities should be prepared to address. There’s nothing wrong with a fun bit of shenanigans to get attention. But if you don’t have a program to keep those folks engaged, you are missing a huge opportunity.

Tactics to Take Your Charity Fundraising Efforts to the Next Level

Spreading the message of a charity for a good cause is not always easy, especially when you are attempting to do so on a local level and if you have a limited budget and support. Learning new tactics when managing a charity is a way to stand out while also having the ability to spread any message you have in mind to a designated target audience of potential customers or shoppers.

Build a Social Media Presence

Building a social media presence is essential for all charities when doing so online. Launch a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest account to reach thousands if not millions of users who are interested in charities and following or supporting good causes. Be sure to stay actively involved and engaged with hashtags and phrases that are relevant to your charity and the type of giving back you are participating in.

Create Contests and Giveaways

Hosting giveaways and contests using online pages, your official website and social media is also a way for spread the word and message of your charity whenever you are seeking new methods of fundraising. Spreading the word of the fundraiser you are hosting online is a way for you to get more donations while also sharing the actual charity you represent with other users right from home.

Stay Consistent

Having online fundraisers is ideal when you need to maintain consistency any time you are sharing new products, services or information regarding your charity and the message you are trying to convey. The more consistent you are with updates, the easier it becomes for others to identify your charity as a valid and legitimate brand or company.

Go Viral

Going viral similar to the ALS video challenges is another way to make a splash and influence as a charity in the online world. When you choose to host contests and charities by making the content more interesting and fun, it is easier to gain traction and responses you are seeking.
Knowing how to take any launched campaign to the next level of success is a way to truly get the most out of advertising products, services and brands entirely. When you have a charity you want to share with others, doing so with the use of online advertising, websites, and promotional material is a way to cut back on funding requirements while still getting you the exposure you need for just about any charity or cause.

How to Make Fundraising Fun

For many nonprofits, the worst part of doing what they do is the fundraising. It’s tough to feel like you want to do some good, but to make it happen you always have to have your hand out. Ronn Torossian understands that frustration, but the PR master says you don’t have to let fundraising get you down. In this article, Torossian offers 4 ways to transform your nonprofit fundraising efforts and make your charity PR fun again.

Make it social

People who love to help love to feel like they are not alone in their efforts. If you can turn your fundraising efforts into opportunities to connect with others, to feel part of something bigger, then you will find more success with your fundraising efforts. The trick here is to count the cost. Social can mean inexpensive and it can mean very expensive. Neither option is bad as long as the net return makes the expenditure worth the cost.

Make it unique

Some charities have learned the hard way in recent months that what used to work just doesn’t any more. Comedian Daniel Tosh has a routine where the punchline includes that he’s “tired of walking 5K.” Well, he’s not alone. While these walks still work for some organizations, many charities have seen consecutive years of diminishing returns. The same is quickly becoming true for mud runs and other “extreme” social fundraisers.

Make it relatable

People need to understand the “why” of what you are doing to truly connect. Is it about support? Sisterhood? Brotherhood? Why are you doing what you are doing and how will it help your cause? Be certain to help people make the connection between the fun and the fight…otherwise you will lose an otherwise captive audience of potential volunteers and supporters.

Make it rewarding

What immediate benefits can your volunteers or guests get from this experience? You may not need to specifically list them, but you should make them obvious. People need to feel as if they are coming out ahead. They are putting in the effort, make it worth their investment.

One final note. Don’t be creative just for the sake of “newness.” Find what works and stick with it. Every nonprofit cause or company is different. Your supporters will be different too. Discover what they love and give them as much of it as they can handle.