Stories Drive Nonprofit PR

Exploring the marketing power of narrative

Nonprofit organizations work hard everyday to communicate to their donors, and volunteers the vital importance of their mission, and vision. But, as many have learned the hard way, sometimes connecting with your audience takes MUCH more than a simple request. You have to reach past their head, and connect with their hearts. That’s the best – and most impactful – way to establish a long term, mutually beneficial relationship.

But to do that, you need to have the secret weapon that any savvy nonprofit PR team uses to connect with their constituents. Story. Narratives are the absolute best way to genuinely connect with your audience, and keep them engaged. Ronn Torossian explains how nonprofits can better connect with their audience.

#1 – People can connect with stories

People, no matter the age, cohort, or medium, connect with facts, and figures through story than any other way. We are naturally wired to engage, and understand the point of stories. Our brains even process them differently, more easily. And, what is processed stays with us longer, even after a single engagement.

#2 – People can reminisce

Stories allow your loyal friends, and supporters to reminisce about the good things that have come before. Positive memories make for a powerful message. Stories allow those who remember “being there” to share their good times “as if it was yesterday.”

#3 – Stories transcend time and place

Stories contain context, but they can transcend time, and place. A powerful story today will be powerful tomorrow, and the next day. Statistics may change, and priorities in culture may waiver, but the strength of stories grows in the telling.

#4 – Stories communicate difficult truths more easily

Sometimes, the raw reality of the issues the charity has been formed to fight can be difficult for people to think about. So they choose to ignore them. Stories help to humanize these difficult ideas, and cause people to more readily connect with them.

Remember, when you are telling the story of your nonprofit enterprise, tell a story that weaves these principles throughout it. SHOW what you do, and your donors will have an easier time telling about it.