Will Wonder Woman Revive the Box Office?

Will Wonder Woman Revive the Box Office?

Will Wonder Woman Revive the Box Office?

Not long ago a film critic, who shall remain nameless, publicly bemoaned the endless line of superhero movies that has been rolling through the box office pretty much ever since Tobey Maguire donned his spider-mask. Then came Iron Man and Thor, Hulk and the Avengers. DC gave us Batman, then Batman again, then a few versions of Superman, before they put these two icons in the same movie.

Of course, there was yet another superhero who had a bit more than a cameo in Batman v. Superman. The amazing Amazon herself, Wonder Woman, was introduced in a very big way. Fans loved seeing Diana on the big screen, and excitement grew for a rumored standalone Wonder Woman movie.

Buzz Surrounds New Female Movie

Well, now that movie is now in theaters, and fans are freaking out. The trailers have been “incredible” and “amazing” and “stunning” with even some of the harshest critics of geek culture singing the praises of the Amazon’s first major motion picture. So far, buzz about the movie has been high. Sure, there’s a strong current of Girl Power running through it, but it’s definitely made for crossover audiences.

Wonder Woman is a feminist movie, a war movie, a love story and a superhero flick all rolled into one. It’s big – epic, really – and it’s fun. Summer entertainment the way people have come to expect. This is good, because, so far, with the exception of Guardians 2, the box office hasn’t exactly had much to celebrate this year.

So far, the “comedic” big screen take on Baywatch is tanking, and the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie isn’t drawing the crowds. That series never really found a way to capture the magic they did in the first installment, following it up with a series of movies most fans would just as soon forget.

But these two aren’t alone on the “failed to live up to booking” list. Alien Covenant, and the latest King Arthur take, this one starring Charlie Hunnam of Sons of Anarchy fame, just aren’t putting backsides in seats … no matter how comfortable the newer theaters are making them.

Could This Be The Big Summer?

Hollywood – and the movie system in general – need a big summer this year. With the advent of streaming media and movies coming out just a few months after they hit theaters, more and more people are just opting to wait and watch them at home. The silver screen still draws big for blockbusters, and there are some truly popular topical movies too, but these are becoming fewer and farther between as people have more options for entertainment.

This trend shows no signs of changing, so studios need Wonder Woman to be, well, wonderful.