According to a brand new study that was recently announced by the Universite Grenoble Alpes in France and the New York University, the spread of misinformation on the social media platform Facebook ends up getting six times more engagement compared to actual news. For the study, researchers reviewed posts from the Facebook pages of over […]

According to a new statement from the two biggest ride-sharing companies, Uber and Lyft, the businesses have committed to pay any legal fees that their drivers might get sued under Texas’ latest anti-abortion law . The controversial law was recently signed by the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, and bans abortions of fetuses over six […]

According to the latest statements by Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, the company’s latest experimental driver assistance software release wasn’t “great”. The company has been selling a Full Self-Driving Capability package for its Tesla vehicles, however, despite the premium driver assistance software, none of the electric vehicles are safe to use without a driver behind the […]

The video conferencing platform, Zoom, recently announced a new feature titled Focus mode. This feature is meant to keep students from being distracted throughout their virtual classes, yet still allowing their teachers to keep an eye out on everyone. When this mode is activated, only the host of the meeting will be able to see […]

Online PR enables companies to reach their consumers themselves. It is not only about the standard press release. PR has gone through sweeping changes over the last decade due to the ongoing effects of digital marketing. A lot of venues are being added for PR, blogs, social media sites, online video shows, radio programs, and […]

Plenty of charitable organizations don’t have a big budget to create viral public relations campaigns that will get a lot of attention. That’s why these types of organizations have to be quite careful how they spend their overall budget, and in recent years, some of them have been publicly criticized over how they spend their […]

With businesses facing unprecedented times, the pandemic is impacting supply chains, capital markets, and business operations. The business landscape has become precarious due to the uncertainty of vaccine rollouts and emerging variants of the virus. Faced with cash flow constraints and payments, a lot of businesses would have gone down the bankruptcy route had it […]

In order to retain customers, a business needs to engage them. Writing a headline in the form of a challenge or dare can make a marketing campaign effective. Several effective campaigns have been written as challenges. In the US, Lays was challenging customers to eat just one potato chip. In the UK , Fruit Pastels challenged […]