Story mapping is an exercise that companies can utilize to visualize the consumer’s journey through a product. This exercise helps businesses better understand their target audience, identify any potential points of friction throughout that journey, and figure out how to improve the user experience. With story mapping, companies are forced to build products with a […]

It’s relatively easy to spot good leadership when it’s happening, but that doesn’t mean all good leadership looks or sounds the same. As a skill, leadership isn’t always as easy to master as every other skill that requires specific knowledge. Good leadership is a lot more ambiguous, and becoming an effective business leader isn’t a […]

Understanding how to create the best possible customer experience for a business means learning about all of the different mistakes that companies make which make it impossible to implement customer experience success. This is important because there isn’t a single thing companies can do to easily prevent the big mistakes that create a disconnect between […]

The one thing that every company wants from its digital marketing efforts is results. Whether that means an increase in sales or more ad click-throughs, every campaign is created with a performance-oriented goal. However, the problem that many businesses face is unsuccessful campaigns that don’t generate the desired outcomes. Fortunately, that problem can be solved […]

The pandemic has changed the world, and industries that depend on bringing people together are demonstrating flexibility and choosing to pivot wisely as we head into another year. The first priority of most event planners should be ensuring the safety of their event. Flexibility and adaptation should be the mantras for event planners who are […]

When it comes to executing events, most PR professionals understand that they shouldn’t be mixing the press with analysts, customers with the press, or analysts with customers. However, when it comes to virtual events, that rule has changed. Since the beginning of the pandemic, customers, analysts, and the press have been able to come together […]

The pandemic made companies switch gears all over the world. However, a number of businesses have started to revert back to their offers and solutions that were available back in 2019. One of them is the British confectionery Cadbury, which had a Christmas chocolate courier service through its Secret Santa Postal Service offer for consumers. […]

The gateway to lead generation in marketing is attractive offers. Without them, companies have no way of converting website visitors into leads. In fact, attractive offers are an important tool for businesses trying to nurture their existing leads into customers interested in making a purchase. Essentially, marketing offers include any free services, products, or content […]