Ads vs Entertainment in Marketing

Ads vs Entertainment in Marketing

When it comes to any type of sales pitch, the goal should always be to entertain the target audience. These days, according to research, the average person spends over two hours of their day on social media platforms.

This information is important because most people treat social media as both an outlet and as their personal space. Additionally, one of the things they don’t want to see during the time they spend on social media is branded ads from brands or corporations.

This fact became very true throughout the pandemic when people used to be very stressed, which resulted in increased time spent on social media platforms to avoid what was happening around the world.

Furthermore, most people from the younger generations managed to drive social media use towards entertainment purposes even more, which should be used as a base for strategies for many companies.

As the world comes out of the pandemic, plenty of companies have been scrambling to find new ways to entertain or get the attention of their target audiences. For example, one of those companies has been Disney, which sold ads during the Oscars for incredible sums, yet this year the show had the lowest watch rates in its entire history.

This means companies have to rethink their strategies and understand how the divide between their promotional efforts and the needs of the audience was created in the first place, and correct that mistake.

Although advertising is still a useful tool, there are plenty of other ways for companies to engage their target audience these days. While TV programs still have the same operational frame that they had from previous decades, social media is a completely different field.

When consumers are mindlessly scrolling down their social media feeds, the last thing they want to see is an ad from a company. Instead, in this playing field, what seems to be working the best is entertaining digital ads that can quickly go viral.

One great example of this is Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin ads, or even the Groundhog Day campaign from Jeep, back when the pandemic was first starting.

Another especially important factor when it comes to creating entertainment in marketing efforts and ads from companies is to make the content loop friendly. This means that the content should be in video format, short, and made to be shared easily across platforms.

This trend was also popular a decade earlier, with low commitment and high engagement content and its been brought on once again by the advance of platforms such as TikTok, as well as features on other platforms such as Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts.

Instead of creating a sales pitch that outlines how the company and its products or services are the best on the market and explaining the different features the solutions have, companies should instead focus on one point that the consumers won’t miss in those 20 seconds while they’re watching a short video.

This means companies have to start being very accessible to consumers and understand that social media platforms are used by the consumers for fun.