Best Communications Channels for Nonprofit Marketing

Best Communications Channels for Nonprofit Marketing

A marketing campaign for any organization will be effective only when multiple channels are used to get its message across. The nonprofit sector has witnessed steady growth over the last few decades, with a major reason for this growth being its humanitarian goals.

The competition in this field is also severe. Without an effective communication strategy, a nonprofit may find it difficult to attract donors and raise funds. Given below are some communication channels which can help nonprofits deliver the right messages to target audiences.


They are traditional, but newsletters are an effective way to reach a target audience. A newsletter could be in print or sent via email.

Some nonprofits prefer to send quarterly newsletters. If newsletters are the only communications channel for a non-profit, it should be ensured that sending them quarterly is enough to  leave an impression.

For printed newsletters, the length of one or two pages should be sufficient. For monthly e-newsletters, five hundred words is a good length. For instance, Edesia’s newsletters feature powerful photos which establish an emotional connection with the readers. They also include stories about how the organization helps children. The newsletter also includes links to videos that showcase the work of the organization.

Direct Mail

Direct mail can be of different types. Postcards, thank-you notes, and appeal letters work well for nonprofits.

Although Nonprofits try to refrain from direct mail fundraising because they are considered sluggish, one has to admit that nothing works better than a personal handwritten message. A nonprofit can use a mix of online and print communications, depending on its messaging and audience.


Websites can be affordable and user friendly. Websites for nonprofits should be easy to navigate and visually appealing.

A website functions as an online homebase. If a nonprofit doesn’t have one, it might lose its credibility.

For instance, Invisible Children, which provides aid to northern Uganda, manages to pack  a lot of information into their easy-to-understand website. Important information is highlighted, and the donate button follows the users as they scroll.

Social Networking

With social media platforms, nonprofits can make an impact with a small budget. It is important to set goals on what a nonprofit wants to achieve on social media.

Do they want to receive donations, recruit volunteers, or raise awareness?

Once the goal is set, it is important to have a clear idea about the marketing personas that a nonprofit wants to target. It is important to know what type of content the target audience enjoys, and what platforms they use regularly. Giving Tuesday got 30% of its mobile donation traffic from Facebook.