Best Times for Companies to Share Content on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Best Times for Companies to Share Content on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn

Many companies are always looking for ways to get more customers to see and interact with the content they’re sharing on social media platforms.

To do that, companies have to figure out when they need to share the content on social media platforms so they can get the best reach and engagement rates on their post.

If a business generally shares content on social media platforms in real-time, it’s common to share that content whenever it’s going to be the most convenient.

However, the timing of the content tends to have a big impact on the overall metrics and performance of that content, which means that sharing content during an off time can compromise the performance.

In fact, for most social media platforms one of the most important ranking signals is the recency.

That’s why when social media platforms are determining which content they should present to their users, they tend to consider when a piece of content was first published.

Although that doesn’t mean that the new content is always going to show up at the top of the newsfeed, it does mean that the more recent posts tend to outrank the older content pieces.

There’s been plenty of research regarding the time when smaller businesses that haven’t been using social media channels too much and don’t have a lot of data about their target audiences on those social channels should be posting content.


It’s incredibly important for companies to share content on Instagram at the right time and on the right days. In general, the best days for companies to share content on the platform are weekdays, especially Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

These days generate a lot more engagement compared to other days, and on the other hand, the worst time for companies to post content is Sunday which has the lowest engagement rates.

The most engagement that content on Instagram gets is between 10 AM and 2 PM.

That means the best times for smaller businesses to share content on Instagram would be between 10 AM and 2 PM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

However, if the target audience of a business is spread out over multiple time zones, the company should keep those time zones in mind when they’re planning to share content.


Similar to Instagram, Facebook defaults its users to a field view that relies on the algorithm to provide its users with content.

Additionally, just like Instagram, the timing of the content is important for Facebook as well.

The best days for sharing content on Facebook are Tuesdays and Thursdays, according to research.

On the other hand, content that’s shared on the weekend tends to get the lowest engagement rates on the platform.

Additionally, the peaks of audience activity on the platform tend to happen earlier compared to Instagram, which means the best time of day that company should be sharing content on the platform is between 8 AM and 12 PM.


Unlike Instagram and Facebook, the algorithm that LinkedIn uses tends to take the engagement rates into account a lot more than the time that the content was posted.

However, that doesn’t mean that the timing isn’t an important factor on the platform, especially since the users on LinkedIn can choose to sort their feet by the most recent posts.

Since LinkedIn is considered a professional social media platform, it should come as no surprise that the weekdays are the best times for companies to share content on it, with Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays being the top choices.

Additionally, the beginning of the workday is also the best time for companies to share their content on the platform, which means sharing content between 9 and 10 AM is going to be optimal.

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