3 Tips on Mapping Out your Next Big Fundraising Event

3 Tips on Mapping Out your Next Big Fundraising Event

When it comes to fundraising, particularly big ticket events and major fundraising campaign kickoffs, WHEN is every bit as important as WHO, and WHAT. In fact, WHEN will go a long way toward deciding HOW MUCH you end up bringing in. Ronn Torossian, Founder of the Torossian Family Foundation and pr consultant in NYC, reveals 3 tips to help you map your next major fundraiser.

Don’t Coincide

You need to be aware of your competition. Do not schedule your event when another similar group is planning an event. Even if their event is not well established, it is still drawing potential donors and attendees away from your event. While it will likely be impossible to steer completely clear of all your competition, do your best to position your major events at times and in places that do not coincide with other major events. This rule does not just apply to other charities. It could also apply to graduations, sporting events, and major political or social gatherings.

News Cycle Awareness

Does your particular cause coincide with a day or month where it might fit well within the news cycle? If so, you might just become some producer or editor’s best friend. Especially if your cause’s special day falls within a slower news cycle. “Bleeds” may lede, but good news always grabs viewers in the slow cycles.

Steer Clear of Holidays

Holidays may be popular for car and furniture sales, but they are about the worst possible time to hold large fundraisers. First, of course, people are spending time with family and friends. They’re booked up, and too busy to come. Second, their money is already allocated. They may be more than willing to give to your cause, but if that money is already spent on a deposit for a vacation condo or a trip to Disney, or even just on Independence Day fireworks and hot dogs, you’re out of luck. Sure, those wide open days look great on the calendar, but just because people have them off from work doesn’t mean they don’t already have plans.

Successful fundraising events begin with choosing the right time, and context. Keep these tips in mind before you map out your next major campaign or event.