Boosting Business Growth Using Pinterest

Boosting Business Growth Using Pinterest

Back when it was first established, the social photo-sharing platform Pinterest wasn’t too popular, but these days, it generally drives over 30% more referral traffic to different shopping websites compared to Facebook.

Brand Equity

One of the things that businesses can achieve with the help of Pinterest is an increase in exposure and strength of brand image. According to internal research from the platform, over 70% of users ended up discovering new products or brands on the platform, which means that companies should start building their brand equity on Pinterest too.

Not only that, but users that came across promoted content had more awareness regarding new products, as well as a higher intent to make a purchase compared to users who didn’t see any promoted content. Additionally, most users on Pinterest take up to three months of research before deciding to make a purchase. All of those things together mean that brands should be using the platform to make a lasting impression on consumers throughout their buying journey.

Improving Sales

Most brands are looking to attract new customers and drive more traffic to their business websites, with the ultimate goal of increasing their bottom lines. A great way to achieve that goal is with the help of Pinterest. Not only can companies encourage website visitors to share their own Pins on the platform by installing the Pinterest Save button on a company’s website, but they can also apply for Rich Pins.

Those types of pins are organic and automatically sync the information from a company’s website to the Pins on the platform. That way, as more people come across the content, the company’s website will benefit from an increase in traffic, which results in higher sales numbers.

Board Optimization

Similar to website SEO optimization, boards can also be optimized according to best search practices. The first step is to perform keyword research that helps companies determine the best keywords to use, and then to use the top keywords as titles of their Pinterest boards.

Each board should also have a description which can be in a text format, but companies can also add a call to action or a website link to invite users to look through other products the company provides.


Just like any other social media platform, the key to success on Pinterest is networking and collaborating with others. Fortunately, Pinterest is a great platform for partnerships because of the way it’s been designed. Companies can start group boards that allow them to add board collaborators.

They can also comment on other Pins, follow other Pinterest users, and even create influencer campaigns for marketing purposes. Engaging on the platform means the company will be able to reach a larger number of people in short amounts of time, which results in an increase in sales numbers.