Kim Kadarshian Turns Breastfeeding into Big Charity

Kim Kadarshian Turns Breastfeeding into Big Charity

There’s no two ways about it, nearly everything Kim Kardashian does ends up making the news. Sometimes, it’s even worth reporting. In this case, a brief aside on Twitter may have changed the lives of countless children. Such is the power of charity PR when connected with a “name” on social media.

Here’s the scenario: Kim K was up nursing her baby, flipping through TV, like millions of other mothers up in the wee hours with infants. She happened to see a story “about a girl trying to find 1,000 pairs of shoes to donate to this charity, Soles for Souls.”

Kim put this out on her Twitter feed, beginning with: “I was up breastfeeding and …”

Now, I don’t know if you have been paying any attention to the Internet, but if Kim K mentions “breast” in any context, expect millions of views almost instantly.

Kim decided she would add her considerable leverage to the cause, mentioning via Twitter that she knew the designer of the Shoe of the Year. That shoe happens to be the Adidas Yeezys, probably the most popular sneaker in the world.

Let’s review: a tired mom gets up in the middle of the night to breastfeed her baby. She sees a child wanting to help others in need and decides to take action. That mom happens to be one of the most recognizable names on the planet, so that means a ton of free publicity for both the charity and the little girl in question.

But this dynamic works, albeit on a sliding scale, for anyone willing to make a difference. Hate her, love her or never want to see her name again, the fact is Kim could have just finished feeding the baby and gone back to bed. There’s no doubt she needed the sleep. Anyone with an infant can attest to that.

But she didn’t … and that one decision made a huge difference for (at least) one thousand needy kids. What could your brand do to make a difference? And, more importantly, are you ready to pull the trigger when the opportunity is presented?