Celebrities And Charitable Public Relations

Celebrities And Charitable Public Relations

Celebrities Donating Money
Famous people and charities go together like peanut butter and jelly. They feed into each other, both by raising the positive profile of the celebrity, and raising awareness and support for the charity by their relation to the celebrity. This symbiotic relationship helps both parties, and helps those who the charitable group seeks to assist as well. It’s good all around. But most organizations of this kind don’t have the backing of Johnny Depp or Betty White to assist them in their goals. However, celebrities come in sizes big and small, as do the aid groups trying to make a difference. Just because a group isn’t huge, doesn’t mean that they can’t benefit from fame.
knows this all too well. CEO of 5W Public Relations, a PR firm that caters to all markets, Mr. Torossian knows that it is possible to use fame of all shapes and sizes to push forward a cause. Here are three things to keep in mind when doing public relations outreach for a charitable organization, and getting a celebrity on board:

1. Local Celebrities

Small celebrities are the easiest to get, especially since smaller charitable groups work locally and regionally. Chances are you have television where you live, which means local news. One of the news stations is number one, and their anchor is likely well known. Maybe someone from your town went off and got themselves famous. Ask them back to help out the cause. Perhaps you have a little money to spend, but not enough for a big name. Many smaller celebrities charge shockingly low prices for personal appearances, and an event can be built around that to help raise awareness and money.

2. Always Make The Ask

Famous people support many causes, and lots of them don’t require anything more than a sign-off from the celebrity. Just because your organization is small and/or serves a tiny area, doesn’t mean that you can’t generate support. If your group works to feed starving children in Appalachia, there are many famous actors, musicians, athletes, and others who work for the cause of feeding children. Contact their people and ask if they can film a quick video requesting support for your group, or if a mailer can be constructed to be sent from “them,” urging donations and volunteerism.

3. Look Professional to Get Support

Big celebrities don’t usually make the call when it comes to these things as much as their “people” do. When you make the ask, no matter how big or small the celebrity might be, it is important that your group come off as professional and organized. Have a website with everything you do laid out. Put together promotional materials, and give them a business plan for how you will be utilizing their support for your cause. Also, let them know why your cause is important, and why they should support your organization in what you do. Come at them with a plan, and you’re more likely to gain their support. For

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