Many brands tend to get a great return on investment (ROI) when creating influencer marketing campaigns. However, there are many different types of influencers on social media platforms, which makes it difficult for businesses to choose the right people to work with. There’s plenty of research that goes into choosing the right social media influencer, […]

We’ve talked before about the importance of community impact for businesses both large and small. In any community, there are a wide array of ways to get involved and help improve that community for those living and working in it. Forming charitable partnerships is another way to get involved and improve the community around a […]

A change in leadership can be a defining moment for any brand. When that brand is a popular international news and culture publication, a shift in leadership can open up the opportunity for a new vision or a chance for the new leader to reinforce the brand’s current message. And, sometimes, the new leader is […]

Sometimes, tying a famous name to a charity work can put a big target on that organization. If everything goes well, it’s great PR, but if things go poorly, for whatever reason, there’s that famous name in the headline. A recent example of this is an Associated Press story in which the Make it Right […]

American superstar downhill athlete Lindsey Vonn is excited about her return to major international competition on the world’s biggest stage. She says she feels one hundred percent, despite a lackluster showing recently in Austria. Vonn says her doubters should put their worries out of their minds. She’s back to the form that helped her win […]

By the numbers, Venus Williams is not the most dominant women’s player in history, in her generation … or even in her own family … but she’s certainly one of the best ever. Venus’ sister Serena is the undisputed GOAT of women’s tennis with 72 titles, 23 Grand Slam singles and over $85 million in […]

From lifeguards to cowboys to a grizzled barroom bouncer guru, Sam Elliott always seems to have worn the proverbial white hat. His distinctive scratchy baritone is the epitome of the cowboy mythos, and his rugged features helped him land a career of roles playing those quintessential American heroes.