Why Charities Still Need PR in the Media Age

Why Charities Still Need PR in the Media Age


Although it seems like the age of the internet would make garnering charitable support easier, in truth the challenge is even more daunting. The Web has opened the door for thousands of charities and non profits to plead their case before prospective endorsers, and it can be difficult to be heard amid the clamor.

Unfortunately, some charitable organizations think of PR as the icing to be added if it can be afforded, and they depend on the grass roots efforts to get their viewpoint up front. But, in today’s complex online world, it often takes skilled expertise to help spread the word. In their own way, charities need branding as much as businesses.

Ronn Torossian lists five major areas where a professional PR firm can help.

1. Blogs

Getting your message out and connecting with audiences is enhanced by an engaging blog. If you don’t post blogs regularly, you should. It helps your search engine rankings, as long as you have quality content. This can lead to donations, purchases, or new volunteers. Further, having a top blog will help increase your companies authority within an industry.

2. Social Media

The odds are your current and potential supporters are on social media, so you need to make sure you are too, in a strong way. Connecting with people via social media adds a transparency and credibility to your message. You can show the ‘human’ side of your establishment, which is vital to any non profit. If others are online discussing your topic, you need to be part of the talk. PR firms have established relationships in the social media world that can jump start your presence, and once established, social media networks can grow exponentially.

3. Publicity

Of course a PR firm would help with publicity. Don’t underestimate how important this help can be. A strong PR firm can plant your message in the top news outlets. You may have an event or a special story that the public should know about, and PR firms can help it appear in the top online and print outlets.

4. Celebrity Endorsements

If you want to begin an Ambassador Campaign with a celebrity or other important person as spokesperson, a PR firm has a better chance of landing them then most non profits do on their own. Many PR firms boast solid connections with talent agencies and can match the charity with the right spokesperson. Then, PR firms can go ahead and publicize the endorsements.

5. Partners and Sponsorship’s

PR firms work with a myriad of businesses who want to connect with charities that support similar goals or views as their own. PR firms can often match the business with the non profit to the benefit of both. For the charity, this may include sponsorship’s, in-kind donations, contests, charitable runs, balls, or other festivities.

Non profit organizations and charities shouldn’t make the mistake of overlooking the benefits a skilled PR firm can offer. With such an important message and the vast competition to be heard, they need to maximize their voice in the best ways possible.