Chick-Fil-A Offers a Meal to At-Home Customers

Chick-Fil-A Offers a Meal to At-Home Customers

Chick-Fil-A fast food restaurants have made some aggressive moves to reach out to customers during the pandemic shutdown. While the restaurant brand’s drive-thrus remain open in most places, the company wanted to do more to accommodate customers who are eating a lot more meals at home. So, the brand has rolled out a chicken “meal kit” that people can pick up and take home.

The meal kits offer a bit of a different taste experience than the typical Chick-Fil-A menu, and the company says they are bringing them back due to customer demand. The kits are, at this point, limited, offering chicken parmesan with a side of creamy garlic pasta. The chicken is pre-cooked, so customers just re-heat the filets and make the sides.

The idea behind the kits, according to company media releases, is to give families another option if they don’t want to make another trip to the grocery store, but they want a hot, home-cooked meal, rather than fast food.

This is not the only way the company is branching out, looking for other ways to connect with consumers in this time. The brand has also started selling signature sauces in grocery stores in Florida, and may consider expanding these offerings in other states.

Chick-Fil-A is being proactive in taking this opportunity to connect with customers in non-traditional ways. Sure, it’s a risk, outside the box thinking offers a lot of different positive opportunities at the moment. People have more time, so they are paying closer attention to the news cycle. Consumers are also looking for creative ways to break up monotony at home, so something new or different might spark their interest.

There’s also the fact that many fast food chains are losing money because of closed dining rooms. Sure, people can still get drive-thru, but revenue is down, so finding another stream of income is a good risk at this point, as long as the risk is seen as a fun and interesting opportunity for the customer.

If this effort is successful for Chick-Fil-A, one of the biggest reasons will be that their out of the box idea was in response to an expressed customer request. People like the meal boxes, and they want to buy signature sauces more often to try to make their own Chick-Fil-A at home. The company has expanded its streams of income by responding directly to these to consumer requests.

By looking out for what the customer wants when making decisions about how to solve the current cash flow shortfall that many brands are facing, Chick-Fil-A has a better foundation for success… and that success begins with understanding what the customer wants and finding the right way to communicate how the brand plans to deliver.