Clinton Charity Scandal Gets Uglier

Clinton Charity Scandal Gets Uglier

Hillary Clinton made a promise. The books would remain open to avoid any accusations of impropriety regarding who was donating to her family’s charity. Now, though, it is being reported that the charity is NOT disclosing the names of donors.

This could be a major plot point in Secretary Clinton’s impending run for the White House. It was back in 2008, when Ms. Clinton promised President-elect Barack Obama there would be “no mystery” about who was donating to the Clinton Global Initiative. According to the Reuters report, Ms. Clinton pledged to publish a list of donors on an annual basis in an effort to ease concerns that, when serving as Secretary of State, she may be open to accusations of outside – particularly foreign – influence.

Early on, Ms. Clinton and the Foundation she founded with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, released what they claimed were complete lists of names, divulging more than 200,000 donors. They subsequently continued to update the list. Then, according to Reuters, the charity’s flagship health program stopped making the annual disclosures as early as 2010. More than four years later, as Ms. Clinton contemplates a run at the White House, these failures to disclose hinder promises of transparency she makes on the (not quite) campaign trail today.

Worse for Ms. Clinton, when combined with her private email snafu, even the most elementary politician can add two-and-two to proffer a pattern of, if not dishonesty, than at least a lack of transparency. This is one possible reason there are yet to be any credible Democrats in the 2016 race. They don’t want their presumed nominee to take a beating in the primary while they hope the GOP candidates will tear each other apart like they did in the last election cycle.

Speculation? Certainly. But the scenario does absolutely no favors either to Ms. Clinton or to the charity she represents.

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