Creating Attractive Marketing Offers

Creating Attractive Marketing Offers

The gateway to lead generation in marketing is attractive offers.

Without them, companies have no way of converting website visitors into leads. In fact, attractive offers are an important tool for businesses trying to nurture their existing leads into customers interested in making a purchase.

Essentially, marketing offers include any free services, products, or content that companies give to their website visitors in exchange for those visitors performing a specific action, such as filling out a form.

Figuring out what a target audience thinks is valuable. However, ensuring they share information with a company requires a bit of research and planning.

There are plenty of options that companies have in terms of offering something of value to website visitors in exchange for their information.

Companies can offer guides, eBooks, promotions, webinars, research, loyalty programs, free tools, templates, trials, and even product demos.

Valuable and High Quality

While all of the aforementioned options are excellent marketing offers for consumers, there are other qualities an offer should have so it can be used to nurture leads for a company.

One of those qualities is that the offer should be valuable enough to convince website visitors to take a company’s desired action (such as filling out a form). Most people don’t want to give out their contact information freely, which means giving them low-value or mediocre marketing offers behind forms results in decreased lead generation and nurturing, as well as poor user experience.

Put simply, a marketing offer is only valuable if it’s able to address the needs, problems, or interests of the target audience. What offers this value can be different for different consumers at different stages of the buying journey. For example, consumers that are toward the end of their buying journey can value a free product trial instead of an educational webinar, which is better to offer consumers at the start of their buying journey.

Complementary Offerings

Another essential quality of successful marketing offers is they’re alignment with the business itself, and the products or services that it offers. For example, with an educational webinar, it’s important to address important concepts that are aligned with what the company is trying to sell, instead of only promoting those products.

That can mean providing consumers with educational content on how their problems can be solved by making a purchase, and detailing that problem-solving journey.


Finally, to create attractive marketing offers, it’s important for companies to personalize them. This is an important quality in lead nurturing campaigns and helps businesses figure out which CTAs to place on their websites.

That’s why companies should figure out the best way to collect key pieces of information about their consumers.

This helps segment all consumers into different groups, according to everyone’s buyer persona, their individual stages of the buying journey, and any particular interests they have while they’re visiting a company’s website.

That way, companies can figure out when to send out the right marketing offers, and to whom.