Creating Sustainable Marketing Campaigns

Creating Sustainable Marketing Campaigns

Living in a world that’s becoming increasingly worried about sustainability means that marketers and marketing teams have to start changing the way they work. Although this doesn’t come as a surprise for many marketers, as the marketing industry itself is constantly changing. However, it’s time for markets themselves to end the high production shoots for campaigns, done in expensive or remote locations, or spend big budgets on single items. It’s also one for marketers to begin thinking about the environmental impact of their work.

Furthermore, it’s not just marketers that should be making a shift. Brands too should be focused on making sustainable and environmentally friendly efforts in their business operations and other efforts, otherwise, they risk being seen as hypocritical by the public.

Sustainability and Marketing Goals

One of the core pieces of the issue is that there is no connection between sustainability and the marketing goals when companies are operating normally. Marketing efforts themselves can be very wasteful, and companies can put a large distance between themselves and their audiences when promoting sustainability in an environmentally harmful manner.

For example, a single photoshoot or a film shoot may end up meaning that the company has to fly different people into a single location, which creates big costs both financially and in carbon expenses. However, it might not be people, it can also be a single large item, such as a vehicle – and this is frequently done for just a single day of shooting, which makes things worse.

While most want to do the right thing, and plenty of people are already trying their best to be sustainable in their personal lives, through efforts such as recycling or reducing single-use plastics, the efforts shouldn’t end there. Consumers are increasingly looking towards brands and corporations that have the same or similar values as themselves, which means businesses must become more sustainable.

Carbon Investment and Expense

Plenty of times, marketers aren’t familiar with which are the right actions or efforts to take for companies to become more sustainable. To figure this out, marketers are the ones that should be rethinking how things have always been done. For example, if the company has consistently been working with the same brands for shoots, or shooting in the same expensive location, or even using very expensive products that are single-use, those things can be changed.

To get to the bottom of each solution, marketers should be asking plenty of questions. Questions such as how things are manufactured, how items can be repurposed or recycled, how to spend less of a marketing budget, and more.

These are the two main ways that companies themselves and their marketing efforts can become a lot more sustainable in a world that pays attention to the environment and strives to preserve it as much as possible.