Customer Experience Mistakes To Avoid

Customer Experience Mistakes To Avoid

Understanding how to create the best possible customer experience for a business means learning about all of the different mistakes that companies make which make it impossible to implement customer experience success. This is important because there isn’t a single thing companies can do to easily prevent the big mistakes that create a disconnect between a company and the expectations of its consumers.


Customer service is transactional. It might save a valuable transaction from a consumer that has chosen a business. By itself, customer service doesn’t really create long-lasting relationships that turn everyday consumers into brand advocates. At the end of the day, there’s nothing that’s really stopping any market competitors from implementing similar strategies or tools from other businesses that are already successful with consumers.

A great example of brand advocates is the people that shop at the same grocery store every week. They likely first started going to that store in particular because of a couple of reasons – the location or the prices, for instance. But what has actually kept those customers coming back to the same store isn’t measurable – it’s something a lot more foundational. That can be the values of the company itself, it’s welcoming employees, or a story’s aesthetic – any of these things create a positive association with the brand in the mind of consumers. Those consumers become invested in the store’s brand through a series of foundational elements. This type of consumer investment can transform customers into brand advocates.

Customer Service and Centricity

Talking to customers and to the sales department about customers are two completely different things. This is because communicating with customers is a two-way communication effort – asking questions and actively listening to their responses. On the other hand, talking to the sales department doesn’t give companies a complete view of how a business relates to its audience.

The best way to learn what message consumers are trying to convey to a brand is to follow the decisions they’re making. That can mean anything from whether they decide to fill out a contact form, or download an eBook. Everything that the consumers do provides companies with relevant metrics that can be used to inform future strategies. But companies shouldn’t just wait on the consumers to take action to learn from them. They should actively be designing their tools, content, and programs around the customers themselves, which should actively show how important the customers are.

Tools and Dedication

The last big mistake in customer experience that many companies make is putting their tools above any sort of customer dedication to a brand. Many times, when companies are looking to overhaul their customer experience strategies, they’re looking to implement different platforms or tools that promise more efficient customer insights or interactions. One thing that companies can do that can make a difference is actually serving the customers in a valuable way.

Tools and platforms are helpful in providing data on customers to make future business decisions, but any customer experience initiative has to start with consistency and commitment to improving the lives of the audience. If that’s not the case, consumers as well as employees, are simply going to move on to businesses that value them more.

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