Customer Loyalty Through Brand Authenticity

Customer Loyalty Through Brand Authenticity

Most people don’t see marketing as an authentic process, however businesses still have to have brand authenticity to see success.

In the past, companies were willing to do whatever it takes to make sales, from overstating the effectiveness of their solutions, to claiming that they were the best all over the world.

In more recent years this has made consumers question those statements which has, in turn, made companies reconsider their statements.

Brand authenticity on its own isn’t a new concept, with people looking for genuine things as the world becomes more digital.

In fact what most consumers are looking for today isn’t simply a great solution, as they also want to have positive experiences. Those experiences should be authentic, transparent, and engaging with the target audience.

Brand Authenticity

The best way to create brand authenticity is for companies to be honest in what they do. With the world going more digital and interconnected through social media, the only way that businesses can preserve their reputation and still be seen in a positive light is to present themselves in honest ways.

There have been plenty of brands and corporations that have successfully implemented brand authenticity and transparency such as Airbnb, or Dove. On the other hand, companies such as Uber have largely kept their operations to themselves, which made them struggle in the market.

Authentic brands and corporations have been far more successful in their endeavors because they make stronger connections with their target audiences. When using authentic ideas and messages, people are able to connect and resonate with them better, which makes the company stay at the front of consumers’ minds for longer.

Next, authentic brands also have an easier time breaking through the market noise, as consumers feel more authentically connected to them, which allows for word of mouth marketing efforts. These efforts are far more effective than plenty of other strategies companies employ, because consumers are a lot more likely to trust the recommendations from their friends or family members over targeted ads.

Honesty and Consistency

The very core of any authentic brand strategy is being real, which might sound simple in the beginning, but plenty of companies are still struggling with that concept. One of the easiest ways to show a company’s authentic side to the target audience is to go back to the core of the company and figure out the most important elements of the company’s story. Things such as the purpose behind it, what it stands for, and what drives the business.

Another common issue that companies have with authenticity is consistency, which leads to consumers receiving mixed messages from brands. This also leads to the consumers feeling suspicious or mistrustful of the company as they aren’t able to figure out the companies messages.


Finally, although plenty of companies are tempted to build their digital presents around perfection, nothing is perfect. Audiences also know this fact, which is why there is no reason to convince them of anything otherwise.

When a company makes a mistake, the best thing it can do is be professional and own up to that mistake.

Before anyone has the chance to speak bad of the company or damage its reputation even more, it’s important to apologize and hold the company accountable, which results in a more positive outcome.