Different Types of Public Relations

Different Types of Public Relations

When it comes to brands and corporations, everyone gets to have their opinion on PR – from government officials and shareholders to customers, the media, and the general public.

There are practically as many perspectives as there are types of public relations, and every type has its own purpose.

People who work in the PR industry are responsible for developing and building positive relationships between a company, its target audience, and the general public.

Most of the work that PR agencies do is building, maintaining, and repairing a brand’s reputation or image.

Media Relations

When it comes to media relations, PR professionals are all about dealing with the media. This Includes scheduling interviews for clients with journalists, giving press conferences, and creating press releases. The ultimate goal of media relations is to create positive coverage of a client’s brand , which essentially means working with media outlets for advertising purposes.

The goal of media relations is for PR professionals to develop a “hook” that will draw the attention of the target audience. The people in this profession need to have an eye for creating compelling stories that media outlets will want to talk about, as well as the necessary skills to push a story in front of the right journalists and audiences.

Community Relations

Through community relations, PR professionals work on developing a company’s relationship with its target audience. The reasons for enacting community relations include raising consumer awareness and interest around a brand and its products, giving something back to the local community, and getting support for a new project from the brand.

People that work in community relations have to understand the way other people in the community act and think, as well as the best ways to engage with those people. This can either mean executing events, creating newsletters, or even developing social media campaigns.

Public Affairs

Also known as lobbying, public affairs is all about getting the government or various government officials to side with a company.

This can be to promote a change or instill new laws, regulations, or legislation that can help the company thrive.

It includes PR professionals contacting government officials and telling them about their clients’ cases , and then providing them with all the information they need to confidently talk about the issue with other government officials.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

Another, more specific field of PR, besides community relations, aims to improve a company’s reputation for environmental, ethical, community, and charity work. These types of PR efforts can have a big effect on a company’s business practices.

Much of the time, PR professionals end up recommending how a company should change its operations to support those efforts.

People that work in this field need to be the eyes and ears of a company’s leader. To be able to get close to the right people and convince them to take action in this way takes a lot of people skills, networking skills, as well as social listening and persuasion .