Digital Marketing Evolution During a Pandemic

Digital Marketing Evolution During a Pandemic

The pandemic has led to the closing down of many aspects of people’s daily lives, and along with those developments, small businesses have been figuring out new ways to adapt to the ever changing situation. Although the finish line is in sight, things still have a way to go before everything around the country can safely reopen.

In order to stay afloat, many small businesses started looking for better opportunities during the pandemic. One of those opportunities has been digital marketing, which has really transformed the way in which some of these businesses operate from the ground up.

Although the pandemic has been an incredibly challenging time for many people and businesses alike, it’s also been the perfect time for business owners to take a closer look at their digital marketing strategies and elevate them to a new level.

In-house Resources

Many businesses decided to rely on their in-house resources when it came to digital marketing efforts and creative campaign ideas. One of the biggest shifts in marketing overall in the past year has been with small businesses that delegated marketing efforts to their own employees, instead of working with external professionals.

This has been incredibly beneficial for small businesses as many of them already have teams with a variety of skills and background knowledge of previous marketing campaigns. From graphic design to content creation, to social media, some smaller businesses were already equipped with many of the skills they needed to create their own marketing campaigns.

Social Media

With the restrictions of face-to-face communication, small businesses pivoted to creating and expanding their social media presence to be able to reach consumers. The key here is understanding the target audience, its values, beliefs, and pain points, and then utilizing that information to convert.

For example, although Instagram was one of the favorite platforms of many young people before the pandemic, a large number shifted their interests during the pandemic toward TikTok. This meant that businesses had to follow along to that platform, to be able to reach their consumers on a relevant channel.

Additionally, according to research, most generations are already on social media, with the number of users growing across many platforms during the pandemic. With the sheer number of available platforms, businesses have higher chances than ever to connect with audiences through strong social media strategies.

Email or Video

Although plenty of people might argue that email marketing is an outdated strategy, with the end of cookies, it’s once again becoming one of the best ways to connect with consumers. The struggle between video and email marketing is evident for many marketers, however, both options have their own benefits.

Through video content, businesses are able to reach a larger number of people and get many interested in the business and its products or services. Meanwhile, through email marketing, businesses are able to amplify customer retention and keep the existing customer base coming back repeatedly. Utilizing both strategies results in more success for the company’s bottom line.