Digital Marketing Tips from Top Brands

Digital Marketing Tips from Top Brands

Digital marketing tactics from the biggest brands almost always prove to be helpful. Content creation is just the beginning of digital marketing.

There are various other facets of digital marketing that are important, such as content type , lead capturing, SEO strategy, Google ads … the list goes on. It can be overwhelming. Given below are a list of digital marketing tips from some of the top brands in business.

Create an email list

A successful email marketing strategy is the most cost-effective way to promote products, communicate with customers, and reach business goals.

Personalization of customer data to create personalized messages can be very effective.

For instance, Amazon’s personalized emails drive engagement. Based on the purchasing or browsing habits of customers, they insert dynamic content into their emails based on the products a customer has expressed interest in.

Brand consistency

Brand consistency is the ability of a company to maintain cohesive communication and positioning in alignment with its values and identity. To build an easily recognizable brand image , consistency is essential. For instance, Starbucks has mastered the art of brand consistency. Its storefront and logo makes Starbucks immediately recognizable as a Starbucks coffee shop. Starbucks baristas do not wear perfume so that every Starbucks smells exactly the same.

Focus on mobile

People are consuming content from their mobile devices more and more. Reaching an audience on handheld devices should be an important element in the digital marketing strategy of a business.

For instance, Domino’s let customers sign up for a rewards program and earn 10 points for scanning any pizza from their mobile device.

The pizza did not have to be from Domino’s. Upon collecting 60 points, the participants received a free pizza from Domino’s. This mobile marketing campaign contributed to tons of user-generated content, and led to increased brand awareness.

Content marketing

Customers often go through a buying process before committing to a purchase. Content marketing plays a role in this process by bringing potential customers closer to making a purchase.

For instance, Rolex succeeds at content marketing by creating crystal-clear social media images that are frameworthy.

Rolex also teamed up with James Cameron when he set a record for visiting the deepest depths of the ocean. This collaboration gave Rolex a media partner in National Geographic and associated the brand with discovery, adventure, and fearlessness.

Ronn Torossian is the CEO and founder of NY based PR firm 5W Public Relations. Torossian is also the founder of the Ronn Torossian Foundation, and a lifelong New Yorker.

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