Digital Press Release Basics

Digital Press Release Basics

When people think about free advertising, they tend to think about famous brands getting headlines in outlets.

A campaign receiving free advertising could be about the latest flavor of a popular beverage, or the new release of an expensive gadget that consumers have been waiting in line to buy for hours.

However, digital press releases are not as complicated as most people think, and they can be a very effective strategy.

Digital press releases can be very effective for any company, as long as they do it properly.

These press releases can be used to generate more brand awareness or announce the launch of a new product.

All they are are short and factual statements that are issued to media outlets on behalf of a business. If an outlet thinks that the press release will be interesting to readers, and is newsworthy, it will use that information from the press release as part of a published article.

Generating Attention

There are plenty of benefits to sharing digital press releases with outlets. One of those benefits is generating more brand awareness.

A press release can greatly help businesses that are announcing a new product launch through the press, compared to the effects of the same press release being shared on the company’s own social media channels.

When a company has a feature in an outlet, it means that more people will learn about that company and take it seriously, because it has media coverage.

Reaching More People

When a press release is featured in any media outlet, it has the potential to reach hundreds of people, compared to the audience numbers that the business can directly reach through its own communication channels.

When a company showcases its brand and its solutions to the rest of the world through an outlet, it can also become a trusted authority on specific topics related to its niche.

For example, if a company shares information with an outlet in an interesting press release, it’s likely that the press release is going to be widely distributed.

When that happens, it’s very likely that more journalists are going to then turn to the business to ask for its expert opinion on any related topics.

Going Viral

Digital press releases are also a very cost-effective way to share information with outlets, and they give companies the potential to go viral.

While viral campaigns are never a guarantee, they often come down to how lucky the company behind the campaign is.

However, when a press release is shared with an outlet, more people are likely to share a newsworthy story with their social circles, compared to only seeing it posted by the business on its own social media pages, which can make a release go viral.

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