What digital trends are you noticing?

What digital trends are you noticing?

Sometimes we think of digital as being something separate from everyday life, but it isn’t really, most of the trends in digital have more to do with accomplishing what we do, but better and easier OR things that move us forward, hardly recognizing that it’s happening.

In Politics

Look at the Presidential elections in the U.S. Those happen every four years and we see many of the same tactics from one cycle to the next, but there have been upgrades to the process that are especially visible this year if you look for them. Though President Obama in 2012 was getting somewhat social media savvy, as a nation we were only starting to use smartphones for shopping, browsing Facebook and such. Now, 2016, you’d be hard-pressed to find a public place where almost everyone isn’t using their smartphone for something, and it’s not that often for an actual telephone conversation.

So even in politics, the digital world – online videos, mobile updates, and what Millennials and iGens consider old fogeys have become not just conversant with digital, but proficient.

In the Workplace

Some of the trends may not seem directly related to digital, but they are as far as how the public opinion is being ramped up or shared – swaying expectations. So, companies like Uber that have been using “contractor” services are feeling the heat to switch and begin providing benefits. As the public begins seeing this as a fight for the common man, such companies may be forced to adapt or go under from the weight of that opinion.

Equally, what would be considered a regular workplace, may begin to morph into more options. We already have many who do their jobs from home – telecommuting. But as a younger workforce steps into existing jobs, they are demanding upgrades, better benefits, more working options – and because so many of them require it, the transition is happening – and that is partly due to social media and digital connections with each other all around the world.

Microsoft may start to replace Apple

Yep, you heard that right. While Apple has been putting more and more into smartphones and apps to go with them, Microsoft has been developing smoother trends in their touchpads and notebook computers.

Self-driving cars

This one may not actually make it on the market in 2016, but they are coming. Several companies have them in development, and even now, there’s a lot of autopilot tech available in cars. Have you watched a video of someone talking and waving their hands around, not even watching the street, but you can see the landscape passing by in the background.

You may have shouted at the person a time or two to watch the road, but in fact, they are in autopilot mode. That concept is straight out of many sci-fi movies from the 80s and 90s.

There are more, think of how easy it is to buy a home these days. In some cases, you don’t ever have to travel where the home is until you’re in escrow or later. You can do virtual tours and see all the sites right on your computer.
What digital trends are you noticing?

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