5 Ways to Stay On Your Donors’ Radar

5 Ways to Stay On Your Donors’ Radar

If you want to achieve your charity goals, then you know you need the funds to make your vision a reality. Sure, in the beginning it can be easy to grab the interest of the tire kickers who care about your cause. But how do you turn those one time donors into consistent support? Step one is to keep your name and your brand in the minds and hearts of the people willing to pay. How do you do this?

Ronn Torossian has the answer in five easy steps:

#1 – Appreciate them: Torossian says gratitude is the simplest way to hold onto donors, and it should be the primary attitude your donors receive from you. Without it, you can pretty much forget any chance of receiving follow-up donations.

#2 – Be relatable: People will donate to a cause, but they will KEEP supporting an organization they like and trust. To motivate this, you must establish a relationship and remain relatable. This is best accomplished through give-and-take communication.

#3 – Promote causes they care about: Early on, support a variety of specific causes. Then watch which events and causes receive the most unique support. Your donors are voting with their wallets. Pay attention. That’s not to say you should give up on sparsely attended or supported events and causes. Simply adjust your effort level according to those things your donors are most willing to support.

#4 – Stay relevant: Look at the best methods available to connect with your core audience. This doesn’t mean always immediately abandoning old methods when new ones are introduced. Instead, look for solutions that best fit the challenge. This means being able to connect with traditional as well as new technology or methodology. In this way, you stay relevant to both traditional and more modern donor bases.

#5 – Be willing to adapt: Change will happen. If you are successful in your campaigns, you will create change. Further, the world around you is never static. The real needs of your target group or cause will change.

You must be ready, willing and prepared to adapt with them. By following these steps you put yourself in a much better position to achieve and maintain a connection with your valued donors. Of course, these steps are only the beginning. You must cultivate and nurture what you develop, so apply this information on a consistent basis. You will see growth and success.