Effective Fast Food Marketing Campaigning

Effective Fast Food Marketing Campaigning

There are plenty of different marketing strategies that brands can utilize in their campaigns, but the most effective ones include engaging and interesting events around various holidays or observances.

That’s precisely what the fast-food giant McDonalds recently did with a brand new campaign that celebrates National Fry Day.

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The company announced right before the holiday that consumers would be able to win a free meal or get a bag of McDonald’s french fries for free when they sign up for the company’s new rewards program. In the announcement, the fast-food giant even stated that some lucky winners would get free french fries for the rest of their lives.

The company decided on this campaign because it starts right around the National Fry Day holiday, and it’s close to the brand’s 66th anniversary as well.

The campaign, titled World Famous Fan Day, aims to repay the McDonalds fans around the world by giving the people what they most enjoy from the company – the delicious food.

Additionally, the company will also be benefiting from user-generated content throughout the promotional campaign, as users on Twitter will be able to use a branded hashtag to share the reason why they’re loyal to the fast-food chain. This effort will allow the participants to further spread the campaign itself through a branded hashtag, word-of-mouth advertising, and user-generated content.


Another sandwich chain, Subway, is also joining in on the national holiday celebration with its own campaign. The company has practically completely overhauled its menu and started selling consumers some brand new ingredients and products, while also reintroducing some retired offers from the past.

According to Subway’s North America President, Trevor Haynes, the company has a brand new culinary team, which has  been working on updating the company’s core menu .

On the day of the new menu launch, the company will be distributing about a million free sandwiches from its new menu for a certain amount of time. Additionally, before the launch, the sandwich locations around the countries will be closed for a day, to get all of the employees ready for the menu unveiling.

This is just one example of how businesses in the food industry can experiment with attention-grabbing campaigns. Other chains have decided on bringing back old menu items for good, or simply for a limited run, while some have even started experimenting with brand new menu items.

Although plenty of companies had to shut down last year amid the global pandemic, and many others suffered great losses, these types of campaigns show positive potential especially when it comes to the food industry.

To be able to keep up with the changing landscape of the food industry, plenty of other restaurants have quickly followed suit after countries around the world announced reopening’s.

With different creative campaigns, restaurants around the country can keep consumers enticed and coming back once again.