Facebook Enters the Charity Business

Facebook Enters the Charity Business

Over the last several months, Facebook has been adding extras specifically to help and assist non-profits and charities. Their latest addition came earlier this week with a new site full of resources for such agencies, including non-governmental organizations doing charitable work. The new site is set up to help organizations establish and enhance FB pages, teaches what an organization needs to know so they can create a campaign, write posts, and analyze the engagement of subscribers and visitors to the organization’s site. There are also success stories added to the FB page helping organizations get a better understanding of how to build their own efforts.

“We are constantly blown away by the ways people and organizations use Facebook – not just to connect, but to make an impact in their communities and around the world,” Joanne Sprague, marketing manager for Social Good wrote announcing the release, “This is especially true of nonprofits, who inspire us every day by raising awareness about their causes, activating supporters and raising the funds they need to support their organizations.”

Facebook added a fundraising tool for non-profits in November as a separate page offering a way for organizations to collect donations and tell their story. Some of the options include a “Donate Now” button, which is only available to nonprofits. The donate button can be embedded on both ads and their FB page offering a link to a website where the donation can be made. To demonstrate how well this is working, as of January, nearly eight million people worldwide used 35,000 FB groups and pages that support refugees.

It should also be noted that according to FB staff members, FB is testing tools to enable nonprofits to directly collect contributions on their FB pages. That option is being tested by a few partner organizations currently such as the World Wildlife Fund, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society among others.

What is apparent, FB has hit another one out of the ballpark as it uses the social media platform to accomplish good works. Mark Zuckerman has once again shown he’s willing to push his positive agendas forward from his and his company’s pocketbook. Will other platforms follow the trend he’s setting?

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