Foundation of Caring targets Human Traffickers

Foundation of Caring targets Human Traffickers

Tampa, FL has been ranked as a top five destination for Human Traffickers in the nation. One Central Florida nonprofit is not taking that designation lying down. They are bringing the community together to do something about it. And Ronn Torossian says their successes may provide a template for success elsewhere.

The Florida Medical Clinic Foundation of Caring is not your typical nonprofit. Instead of tackling a single cause, the Foundation looked around at the causes of several societal ills in their community and chose a widespread, multifaceted approach to combating these issues.

According to Foundation of Caring Director Deb Thielen, the Foundation is dedicated to supporting and helping children and families across Central Florida. “Because of our unique situation, we are able to take two and two and get seven. In other words, we can take resources from different places, combine them and create a difference that is greater than the sum of its parts.”

The Foundation has raised millions for countless local charities benefitting thousands of local children and families. Now they have turned their attention on the scourge of Human Trafficking, what survivors call modern day slavery.

Because the Foundation’s greatest strength is bringing resources together, they started their program by doing exactly that. The first call was to a local radio media partner, WUSF. The second was to several local businesses for sponsorships. The result was a very unique community event, a broadcast panel discussion that featured Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, respected survivor advocate Connie Rose, and mental health expert Dr. Maulik Trivedi. The audience in this scenario was just as important. In the room for the panel were not only representatives of several local and national organizations already fighting against human trafficking, but also several local business leaders with the clout and the resources to amplify their efforts.

All of this success stems from effective nonprofit PR. Building support for a cause, getting the word out, bringing together stakeholders and resources, and then giving them access to experts who can help provide direction. Without successful communication at the heart of it all, the effort never happens. Power and influence are vital, but proper messaging is the glue that brings it all together.