Four ways to use charity PR to increase giving

Four ways to use charity PR to increase giving

You can do more when you have more. That’s simply the nature of the business when you are building a nonprofit brand. You want to do the work, not ask for the money, but when it comes down to it, you need the resources to do the work.

Whether your needs are in people or in funding, Ronn Torossian has four tips to help you increase your resources and get more done.

Be specific

Torossian warns charities that too many of them try to get by on generalities and platitudes, without ever telling donors what they are really doing. The age of anonymous and nebulous charities is at an end. People are getting smarter and more selective with their giving. So charities have to be more specific with their message. Let your prospective donors know exactly what they are supporting. Give them a cause to get behind. Something they can picture and understand.

Be consistent

Don’t give up and don’t communicate in fits and starts. Use targeted and consistent charity PR campaigns to maintain an open dialogue with your donors and volunteers. Let them know how important they are to you by making them important to the process. Include them in the communication and invite feedback. You definitely don’t have to do everything they suggest. Or anything exactly as suggested. But you may get some great advice and, no matter what comes in, your donors and volunteers will feel a part of the action.

Be faithful

Your charity communication must be regular, not hit or miss. Set up a regular communication schedule and stick with it. There is absolutely no reason to go weeks without communicating with your supporters. And it does not help to do that then dump a ton of information on them all at once. Ronn Torossian suggests a minimum of two media touches per week. These need be nothing more than a digital tap on the shoulder reminding your supporters you are still there and they still matter.

Be appreciative

And they do matter. Your supporters allow you to do what you do…and with their help, you could do even more. So, be sure to show them how much you appreciate them. A common mistake many charities make is always having their hands out. Yes, you need the resources, but how about just saying “thanks” every once in a while. Put a regular “thank you” into your charity PR rotation and watch the responses you receive.