Fuji Takes Photography to the Next Level

Fuji Takes Photography to the Next Level

Fuji Takes Photography to the Next Level

With the advent of DSLR cameras, most people assumed film was dead. Then Polaroid made a comeback with an entirely new generation digging the instant gratification of print on demand photos. Sure, they weren’t as crisp and clear as digital images, but they had that nostalgic goodness mixed with something tangible.

So, camera fans split into two camps. Those who wanted quality and virtually limitless frame captures and those who wanted to capture moments and print them right on the spot. Well, understanding the appeal of both options, Fuji has raised the bar by combining the best of both worlds. The Instax Square SQ10 allows users to edit photos and add Instagram-like filters to photos, then print them instantly.

Crop, color, rotate, zoom, darken or blur the edges, then print right from the camera. So, you get crisper shots and fun additions, and you get to print them and share them around.

A Camera That Can Edit.. finally

This model is Fuji’s first to combine the edit and print features. While previous Instax cameras worked similar to the old-style Polaroids, they didn’t offer editing features. So users got the instant gratification … but they also got less quality in their photos. The new camera also fixes some of the more notorious flaws of instant print cameras going back generations. It gets better resolution in low light, and cleaner shots close up. So, fewer fuzzy, blurry, shadowed people in pictures.

And there’s, at least, one more benefit. While previous print on demand cameras forced users to print the shot as soon as they took it, this one will allow users to save the images and print them later, if they wish. Like the old-school POD cameras, the Instax uses a square image format, but not because it just works that way. Users have become accustomed to the square format preferred by Facebook and other photo-sharing social media platforms. That’s also the best format for smartphones and tablets in vertical format.

Competition Causes Better Products

Why release this camera now, after so many previous Instax cameras didn’t have this option? Competition. Polaroid beat Fuji to the punch in this case, offering a hybrid camera very similar to Fuji’s. So, the company had to adapt to stay competitive. This is something Fuji has consistently been able to do. They may not always be the first to market with an idea, but they have managed to do it well and give customers quality, even if they weren’t the originators. While others have fallen away during the shift from film to digital, Fuji stayed relevant by flowing with the tide of consumer appetite.

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