General PR

As a marketing tool, AI has grown in popularity. Marketing deals with understanding the needs of customers and then matching them to products and services. Marketing also includes persuading customers to buy. These core activities can be enhanced by marketing. There are different types of marketing AI applications available today and they can be integrated […]

Everybody wants to feel valued. Each employee wants to feel like they are part of the team and they matter. The pandemic has led to challenges for people across the world. Businesses have been trying to keep up with work, employee motivation, acquisition, and retention. A different kind of work setup has also impacted employee […]

A brochure acts as a representative of an organization to the public. A brochure should convey key information about an organization, it should also do more than that. It should successfully capture the spirit of the organization it represents. It should tell the world why an organization matters and to do that it should draw […]

Direct mail is a simple method of mailing an informational piece, sometimes accompanied by an appeal for a contribution, to a list of qualified supporters. A lot of nonprofits use direct mail to raise their funds. Direct mail is sent to donors with an aim of providing a physical connection with the organization. Since most […]

An effective brochure convinces. They motivate the target market to give and get involved. The space in a brochure is limited which means that everything must serve a purpose. If any of the constituent elements seem without a purpose, it probably does not belong in a brochure. Given below are elements of a brochure that […]

A single media release may not be successful in capturing the media’s attention. An unusual, media-focused event is almost always successful in creating curiosity. To attract the attention of the media, it is important to stage an event, which in itself, is newsworthy. Media events may have different aims. They may be arranged to inform […]

Just a few years ago, most business owners believed that they needed to create articles that were over 2000 words long if they wanted their business to rank on the first pages of search engine results. However, for specific topics and industries, most consumers don’t want to read so many words. The most basic example […]

According to reports, when companies get personalization efforts in their marketing campaigns completely wrong it tends to drive away customers. Over 80% of consumers that have received irrelevant marketing efforts have decided to distance themselves from the brand targeted them, with about 40% immediately unsubscribing to all of the marketing content for the business, 20% […]