General PR

It’s not always easy for businesses in the B2B industry to create campaigns that have a lot of empathy and evoke different feelings from their buyers. This is generally because the B2B industry is perceived as a more professional rather than emotional market, so it becomes a bit more complicated for such businesses to elicit […]

Back when it was first established, the social photo-sharing platform Pinterest wasn’t too popular, but these days, it generally drives over 30% more referral traffic to different shopping websites compared to Facebook. Brand Equity One of the things that businesses can achieve with the help of Pinterest is an increase in exposure and strength of […]

These days, memes have managed to evolve to a point where they’ve become one of the languages that many people speak. In fact, there are so many conversations that are happening only using memes now that most people these days only need to follow a couple of accounts sharing memes to stay updated on what’s […]

While plenty of nonprofit organizations strive to create the perfect story, at the end of the day, if no one hears that story, all that effort won’t matter. The key to getting people interested in a story is making sure that it’s going to reach the public. That means nonprofit organizations should be getting their […]

These days, consumers are a lot better educated than during other periods, and they have all the tools necessary to research things that they don’t already know. They’re also constantly seeing ads, which means companies have to stand out in today’s busy marketing world. The best way to do this is by tapping into one […]

After over a year of marketing budgets being cut down around the world because of the pandemic, one of the strongest marketing channels for companies has proven to be mobile platforms. Companies that were able to incorporate a mobile-first approach saw an increase in opportunities to reach out to their consumers through social media, which […]

According to a new statement from the two biggest ride-sharing companies, Uber and Lyft, the businesses have committed to pay any legal fees that their drivers might get sued under Texas’ latest anti-abortion law . The controversial law was recently signed by the governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, and bans abortions of fetuses over six […]

According to the latest statements by Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, the company’s latest experimental driver assistance software release wasn’t “great”. The company has been selling a Full Self-Driving Capability package for its Tesla vehicles, however, despite the premium driver assistance software, none of the electric vehicles are safe to use without a driver behind the […]